Pole's Big Adventure

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    A deliberately-retro Japanese-exclusive 2D platformer for the Wii, featuring numerous metafictional gags that parody the "8-bit" era of video games.

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    Chin Douchuu!! Paul no Daibouken (loosely translated to "Weird Way!! Paul's Great Adventure", also known as "Pole's Big Adventure") is a 2D comedic deliberately-retro side-scrolling platformer developed and published digitally by Sega for the Wii (as a WiiWare title) exclusively in Japan on February 3, 2009.

    On the surface, the game is a throwback to the "8-bit" era of video games (with the Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System), as players control cowboy Paul as he ventures out throughout the world to rescue his girlfriend Sharon from kidnappers. However, players quickly stumble upon numerous metafictional gags throughout the game (all of which have an accompanied narration from former comedian Takashi Endo, similar to Japanese variety shows).

    There are 100 gags in total, and encountering them both adds to a counter on the screen ("NETA") and gives bonus points at the end of the stage. Some gags can only be encountered on a second playthrough, while some require the player to perform certain actions (such as collecting a mushroom that causes Paul to grow, only for him to lose a life due to growing too big).

    It was later included as a bonus in the game Chin Sports, released later that year. In addition, the package for Chin Sports includes a soundtrack CD including music from this game.

    The game was produced by Sega veteran Takao Miyoshi, best known as the producer for Phantasy Star Universe, and is his last game with Sega.


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