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    A poltergeist is a soulless spirit that is invisible to the human eye. It manifests itself by moving and manipulating objects.

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    Poltergeist refers to a supernatural event in which an undetectable demon, monster, or spirit makes contact with the physical world by moving inanimate objects to terrorize or harm their human counterparts. Victims of this phenomena often report seeing flying household objects such as tables, chairs, or knives. But others have reported experiencing poltergeist through sounds of loud banging on doors or the rumble of an earthquake in the middle of the night. Poltergeist is often exemplified in popular culture, especially in horror movies such as Paranormal Activity.

    Poltergeists in video games

    A poltergeist possessing a chair in Splatterhouse
    A poltergeist possessing a chair in Splatterhouse

    Splatterhouse (1989) - A poltergeist appears as a boss fight in stage 2 of Splattehouse. After Rick Taylor exits the sewer, he enters a room that beings to shake violently. Shortly there after he is attacked by a series of objects controlled by a poltergeist including a chair, 3 knives and a painting. After Rick defeats all of these objects the poltergeist escapes out the window and slams it shut causing the chandelier to fall from the ceiling which can kill Rick if he is under it.

    Haunting Starring Polterguy - In Haunting Starring Polterguy the player takes control of a poltergeist named Polterguy who invades the house of the Sardini family. The object of the game is to posses inanimate objects around the house and attempt to scare all of the family members out of the house.

    Geist - In Geist the player plays as a poltergeist named John Raimi. John has not only the ability to posses inanimate objects, but also the ability to posses humans and animals.

    Megami Tensei - In the Megami Tensei franchise poltergeists commonly appears as low level demons of the Haunt clan, boasting a small, alien-like appearance.


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