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PolyGame Master (also known by its abbreviation "PGM") is a JAMMA-based arcade system created and released by Taiwanese developer IGS for Asian regions in 1997. It was later superseded by the PolyGame Master 2.

Similar to SNK's Neo Geo MVS hardware, the PGM features inter-changeable game cartridges for most of its game releases (with some sold as a single combined PCB), allowing arcade operators to switch out games without needing to replace the main hardware.

The system's architecture and appearance strongly resembles the Neo Geo MVS, with the base hardware strongly resembling the MV-1FZ. It uses a similar Motorola 68000 processor for the main CPU (running at 20 MHz as opposed to the Neo Geo's 12 MHz) and a similar Zilog Z80 co-processor for the sound CPU (running at 8 MHz as opposed to the Neo Geo's 4 MHz).

While most games released for the platform were developed by IGS themselves, some were developed instead by CAVE.

Game List

NOTE: This list may be incomplete (and, at times, incorrect). Assistance is always appreciated!

(PCB identification numbers?)

Developed by IGS

  • 1997 - Dragon World II (EN) / Zhōngguó Lóng II (CH) / Chuugokuryuu II (JP) / Dōngfāng Zhī Zhū II (CH Alt.)
  • 1998 - Dragon World 3 (EN) / Zhōngguó Lóng 3 (CH) / Chuugokuryuu 3 (JP) / Dōngfāng Zhī Zhū 3 (CH Alt.)
  • 1999 - Knights of Valour Plus (EN) / Sānguó Zhàn Jì: Zhèngzōng Plus (CH) / Sangokusenki: Musamune Plus (JP)
  • 1999 - Photo Y2K (EN) / Dàjiā Lái Zhǎo Chá (CH) / Real and Fake (JP) / Chāojí Bǐ Yī Bǐ (CH Alt.)
  • 1999 - Puzzle Star (EN) / Móhuàn Xīngzuò (CH)
  • 1999 - Puzzli 2 (EN) / Pào Pào Yú (CH)
  • 2000 - Dragon World 3 EX (EN) / Zhōngguó Lóng 3 EX (CH) / Chuugokuryuu 3 EX (JP) / Dōngfāng Zhī Zhū 3 EX (CH Alt.)
  • 2001 - Chuugokuryuu 2001 (JP)
  • 2001 - Chuugokuryuu: Pretty Chance (JP)
  • 2001 - DoDonPachi II: Bee Storm (EN) / DoDonPachi II: Fēng Bào (CH) / DoDonPachi II (JP) / DoDonPachi: Fēng Bào (CH Alt.)
  • 2001 - Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons (EN) / Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2: Qúnxióng Zhēngbà (CH) / Sangokusenki: Bushou Souha (JP) / Sānguó Zhàn Jì 2: Fēilóng Zài Tiān (CH Alt.)
  • 2001 - Photo Y2K 2 (EN) / Dàjiā Lái Zhǎo Chá 2 (CH) / Real and Fake 2: Photo Y2K (JP) / Chāojí Bǐ Yī Bǐ 2 (CH Alt.)
  • 2001 - Puzzli 2 Super (EN) / Pào Pào Yú Super (CH)
  • 2002 (also single PCB) - Demon Front (EN) / Móyù Zhànxiàn (CH)
  • 2003 (also single PCB) - The Gladiator (EN) / Shén Jiàn Fú Mó Lù (CH) / Toumaboroshikyou: Road of the Sword (JP) / Shén Jiàn Fēngyún (CH Alt.)
  • 2004 - Huānlè Liùhé Yī (CH)
  • 2004 - Shǎn Liàng Sān Hé Yī (CH)

Developed by CAVE

All three titles were only released as a single PCB (also known as the CAVE IGS PGM hardware).


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