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    Once a real dog, Poochy’s strong connection to Kinta Kokuin has allowed him to live on after his own death and transform into a real man. He continues to protect his master as he seeks a mate.

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     Poochy originally debuted in Power Instinct 2 as a transformation for Kinta Kokuin. Unlike other transformations, Poochy would eventually evolve into his own character in Power Instinct: Matrimelee. He was once simply a dog. He was the loyal pet and constant companion of the young Kinta. This strong connection gave Kinta the power to transform into the larger and stronger Poochy.

     In the months before the Matrimelee tournament the canine Poochy died.  His strong connection to Kinta continued, even after his death. This allowed him to return as the human/canine Poochy in order to continue to defend his young master. His loneliness and desire to get married convinced Poochy to use Kinta invitation to the Matrimelee tournament in hopes that he would win and marry Princess Sissy.

     Should Poochy win the Matrimelee tournament, Sissy will turn him down, stating that she does not like dogs.

    Special Moves

    Poochy’s special moves consist largely of dog themed moves. He also borrows multiple moves from Kinta, such as summoning the bear Caesar.


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