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Pop bubbles to score points and time, try not to miss.
Tap a bubble to pop it. 
Big bubbles are worth lots of time. 
Small bubbles are worth lots of points. 
Pop bubbles of the same color in a row. Long chains will reward you with a multiplier. 
The Tally: 
The tally appears at the bottom of the top screen when you start a chain. This stores your time and score as you pop more bubbles to add to the chain. To have this added to your score and the timer try to pop another color of bubble or wait for a couple of seconds. 
The Chain Counter: 
To the left of the tally is the chain counter. This shows how many bubbles are in your current chain. 
The Multiplier Counter: 
To the right of the tally is the multiplier counter. As you make longer chains this will increase. Watch out if you miss or pop a Skull powerup you will lose your multiplier and break the chain! 
The Timer: 
In the center of the top screen is the timer. When this reaches zero it is game over! Try to pop big bubbles to keep it up. 
The Score: 
At the top of the top screen is your score. As you break chains and pop bubbles this will increase. How high can you score? 


There are 8 modes in Pop Plus: Solo. These include Training, Adventure, Normal, Advanced, Chill, Timed, Bonus Rounds and Challenges. 


Tap a nuke and it will detonate releasing a shockwave which will destroy any bubble of the same color that it touches. 
Pop a multiplier and your tally will immediately be multiplied by the amount shown.  
Pop a skull and it will break your chain, remove your multiplier and deduct time from your timer. TRY TO AVOID THESE! 
Tap an X and all othe rpowerups will disappear, including Skulls. Handy for times when you want to pump up a lot or if you have just set off a Nuke! 

Bonus Rounds:

 There are 5 different types of bonus rounds to unlock. Each bonus round is available in Adventure, Normal, Advanced, and Timed modes. To unlock a Bonus Round for play in Bonus Round Mode make sure you complete it first in one of the modes above. 
In this Bonus Round bubbles will spawn from one side of the screen. You must prevent any of them from getting to the other side of the screen and escaping. Use Nukes and Pumped up bubbles to create shockwaves this will make it easier to stop the bubbles from escaping.  
Set off chain reactions to build up your score. Pump up or tap a bubble to set off a shockwave. Any other bubble the shockwave touches will set off a shockwave too. Small bubbles will set off smaller shockwaves than big bubbles in this bonus round type. 
Remember the colors and don't pop anything else. This is a test of both your speed and your memory. Remember that the color you have to focus on and only pop bubbles of that color. The chain timer is quite long so don't panic too much. Remain calm and try to pop just the color you are told. 
Machine Gun: 
This is a frantic bonus round where bubbles travel across the screen really quickly. Try to pop as many bubbles as you can in the time limit. Try to create chains so that you achieve as high a score as you can. 


 Pop Plus: Solo has a badge system similar to achievements and trophies. If you complete a certain task you will be rewarded with a badge. There are a ton of badges to collect in the game ranging from easy to tough. Here are some examples. 
1) Complete a wave 
2) Getting a high chain or multiplier 
3) Beating a boss 
4) Beating a boss without being hit

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