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Poring Sprite
Poring Sprite

Porings are the pink blob looking monsters that are the mascot monster of the Ragnarok Online series. The appearance of the Poring is much like a slime from the Dragon Quest series. Porings are the lowest level monster in the game.

Porings are passive and will not attack a player unless they are attacked first. Porings will also pick up or loot any items that are laying on the ground, if the Poring is then killed all of the looted items will drop.


  • Size - Medium
  • Race - Plant
  • Element - Water 1
  • Level - 1
  • HP - 60
  • Attack Strength - 8-9
  • Attack Speed - 106.4
  • Hit - 202
  • Flee - 177
  • Defensive Strength - 2
  • Magic Defensive Strength - 5
  • Attack Range - 1 Cell
  • Base Experience Gained When Killed - 27
  • Job Experience Gained When Killed - 20

Elemental Resistance

ElementDamage Percentage


  • Water Attack Level 1


  • Jellopy - (70% Chance)
  • Apple - (10% Chance)
  • Empty Bottle - (15% Chance)
  • Sticky Mucus - (4% Chance)
  • Unripe Apple - (0.21% Chance)
  • Knife [4] - (1% Chance)
  • Poring Card - (0.02% Chance)


Poring Pet Screen
Poring Pet Screen

Porings can be captured and taken as pets. If the player uses (double-clicks) an unripe apple in the inventory, and then click on a poring there is a chance to catch it as a pet. Once the unripe apple has been used on the Poring a slot machine will come up. If the slot machine comes up as a success then a poring egg will be added to the players inventory.

Once the Poring egg has been obtained it can be hatched into a Poring if the player has an incubator in their inventory. Once the Poring has been hatched from the egg it will follow the player around the game world. The Poring must be fed when it gets hungry and will only eat apple juice.

While a Poring is following the player they will gain a bonus of LUK +2 and CRIT +1.

The Poring pet can also be equipped with an accessory. The accessory that is equippable to the Poring is a backpack.


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