Any word on when the SDK is coming out?

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#1 Posted by hoseph1337 (35 posts) -

I've really wanted to get some more levels for this game, and I was wondering if anyone had any word on when it comes out. 

On an enitrely unrelated note: How awesome would it be if Valve released a single player expansion along the lines of what Rockstar did with Undead Nightmare, with you playing through the game with the character Wheatley replaced with the  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
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#2 Posted by NickLott (833 posts) -

Valve says they have a complete overhaul of the Source SDK and the Hammer editor coming so I'd say around then. With all the gels, beams and lasers, as well as Co-Op added in to Portal 2, I'm really looking forward to what the community does with Portal 2.

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#3 Posted by bongoboy (117 posts) -

I have been itching for some more Portal 2 maps. Hopefully the SDK arrives soon.

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