Can't figure out how to do voice chat in PS3 Steam.

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Hello all. So far I've had an awesome, pretty seamless experience with my PC/PS3 Steam experience. Valve has done a great job having  this ready at day one.

However, here's the ONE thing I can't figure out: How do I do Steam voicechat between PS3 and PC? I have a PS3 bluetooth headset hooked up and working, but I don't see the option for anything but text chat. Help?

I distinctly remember them talking in interviews about how there would be PS3/PC cross-platform voice chat.
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Check the actual microphone settings in the PS3.
Settings->Accessory Settings->Audio Device Settings

I tested out the cross-steam play today and it was fantastic. Other GB member played on the PC, I played the PS3 version and we were able to chat with each-other without a hitch.

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Can you only voice chat within the game?  I genuinely don't see the option to start a voice chat in the Steam menu.

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