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Hey duders.

Since Valve has been giving out those 75% off tickets for Portal 2 I figured I'd buy an extra copy and give it away. Only premium members are eligible for this, because...well, I'm an elitist douche.

So if you're a member and want Portal 2...hmm. Let's have a test of taste and/or luck. First one to give me the correct 3 letter combination, wins. And no changing your answers - any edits to your post will DQ you.

EDIT: No "correct" answers yet. If none come, I may end up choosing the closest one - but I'll bump the post to give others a chance as well. To keep it fair (since with this proclamation, I've invalidated some answers), I'll add one more question. So posts made after this edit need to give me 4 letter combination, instead of 3.

Favourite wuxia film?

AHouse of Flying Daggers
CCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Favourite samurai film?

ATwilight Samurai
BThe Last Samurai
CWhen the Last Sword Is Drawn

Favourite vampire film?

AInterview With the Vampire
BI Am Legend
CShadow of the Vampire

Favourite disaster film?

AThe Day After Tomorrow
BDeep Impact

EDIT2: I guess everybody already has Portal 2 since so few people took part in this. Grats RJPelonia, with the best answer.

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I wouldn't say this makes you an elitist at all. More like someone who wants to reward people who have paid for a membership.

Also, I already have Portal 2.

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CBA but I already have the game so I'm good.

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I already have the game (so I don't need it) but I wanna answer the questions.

1. Haven't seen any of them.

2. B

3. B

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CA Haven't seen the other 2 but not I am Legend do C

But I also already own Portal 2 but Twilight Samurai such a great Samurai flick I had to answer

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AAC but I'm not premium...

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Bumpity bump.

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I really need to start writing posts in Word or something - nothing pisses me off more than losing a wall of text. Basically I explained the correct answer (BCAC) and why I chose RJPelonia's answer (only wuxia bit was incorrect and his choice there is my 2nd favourite of the given options). Here's a summary:


While I love House of the Flying Daggers, the Hero is just such a visual treat that I can't help but to love it.

When the Last Sword Is Drawn

It's such a shame that this film isn't better known or liked. At least it seems most people I've talked to, haven't seen it. I love most stories set in the Meiji Restoration, which is my favourite time period, especially if they have to do with Ishin-shishi or the Shinsengumi. So this film hits all the right spots and it has such a great story - there're few scenes there that always make me all teary-eyed.

Interview With the Vampire

There's just something I love about Anne Rice's vampire stories. I even liked Queen of the Damned and have rewatched in several times, while most people seems to consider it rather crappy. I think Interview With the Vampire was the first vampire film I've ever seen which, I'm sure, also helped it to become so memorable to me.


This was one of those movies that stay with you even after you walk out of the movie theathre. Matrix was another one like that. But after Twister there was a storm outside and I remember watching the dark storm clouds on the horizon all the way home - hoping and fearing, against all odds, to see a tornado. Of course, we don't get those around here, so that wasn't going to happen. So Twister is definitely my favourite film in the "natural disaster" category - the special effects still hold up, even today.

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