Final Boss Bug exists, here's how to fix it

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So I just finished Portal 2 (was awesome) but before I could I experienced a bug fighting the final boss and I figured I'd share in case it happens to someone else as there doesn't appear to be a thread about it already.


During the fight the boss is supposed to throw bombs, but when I fought him it wouldn't, or if he did they'd just hit the back of his protective shield and blow up harmlessly and nothing would happen until the timer ran out and I'd die.  I did this a couple of times before suspecting something might be wrong and hit up google which led me to the fix, which is to load up your autosave from before you enter the boss' chamber and enter it again, and the problem should be fixed.  Worked for me.


You'll know its the bug if his protective shields are well above his torso (they should be around his body) and he isn't throwing a steady stream of bombs around.

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Well that really sucks. Glad I didn't have to mess with this.

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Well thanks for the tip dude. I didn't have a problem, and hopefully not too many people get the bug because that was a great boss fight!

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Happy that didn't happen to me but thanks for the tip :)

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didn't encounter it, but thanks for the thread

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I'm having this glitch, its pretty much ruined the ending. I managed to get one bomb to open the white goo tube, and that autosave prevents me from restarting from before boss battle. Unless I replay the last HOUR. Feh. will probably just wiat (hope) for a patch.
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Yeah, this fucked me, but I got through it. It made the ending incredibly frustrating. 

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I don't know that it's really a glitch. I think he arranged his shields like that for me too when I fought him and I just had to work around it. It was all timing really. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else. 

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Doesn't sound like a common glitch, I certainly didn't encounter it. Oh well maybe someone will benefit from this though if I completely steered clear of all portal 2 forums until I finished the game,

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