Giving away a free copy of Portal 2

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Hey guys, i'm doing another game giveaway on my twitter account [Link removed by moderator]. Right now i am using this twitter for random game giveaways and other game related banter. Currently Portal 2 is on sale on steam, so i figured i would just buy a copy and give it away to those of you who can't afford it.

That said, there's a small catch. You need to retweet me. (you don't even need to follow). Every person who retweets will get entered into the drawing, and we'll go from there. Keep in mind that my game giveaways don't always require a retweet or follow, and in some cases i may just ask that people reply to my tweet for a chance to win.

Hope this isn't too gross. I plan to giveaway full retail games in the future.

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Game giveaways are fine, but please don't use them as an excuse to try and plug your Twitter account, Giant Bomb is not meant to be a platform for self-promotion.


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