If Valve were to make Portal 3 what do think the story will be? (Topic is five years old)

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#51 Posted by Tebbit (4618 posts) -

@SamFo said:

I think chell is a better character than Gordon Freeman. I would be really dissapointed if portal 3 was just half life episode 3.

And for me Portal's best aspect is the atmosphere. Something that Half Life didn't do quite as well.

Neither of them are characters at all. All they are is what you, and other characters project onto them. They literally have no other personality!

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#52 Posted by hoossy (1075 posts) -

You could play as one of GLados' 1000s of new test subjects!

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#53 Posted by Swoxx (3038 posts) -

Uhm what's with all the 1 post dudes?

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#54 Posted by SamFo (1676 posts) -
@Tebbit I should say, I prefer chells story. And the mystery around why she is in aperture labs.
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#55 Posted by NTM (11755 posts) -

Portal 3? More like Half-Life 3. I'd like to see both Portal and Half-Life come together a bit more. It would make sense if Gordon Freeman got the Portal gun. Gordon and Alyx need to meet GLaDOS. As for any more experiments, I'd rather not, unless there were a few in Half-Life 3. I just want to get on with the main story, and defeat the Combine. GLaDOS will help save humanity by killing a few Combine on the way.

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#56 Posted by hawkzter45 (2 posts) -

Maybe chell has a son and he runs with his mom in a place chell remembers and he says "check this out" and it was the tool shed Chell came out of from portal 2 and she tries to stop him but he goes into the lift and he went down and glados scans him and sees his family line and she finds out it is chells son so he has the smarts from his mother to get to gladoses lair and she tries to kill him to make chell mad.who knows any thing can be possible?

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#57 Posted by daveydawg (2 posts) -

in portal 3 wheatly would come back to earth landing in an abandoned black mesa facility and while chell was just leaving aperture he comes traps her and forces her yet again to do tests but thats not what he really wants


GLados changes her mind (I mean seriosly doesnt that sound like something she would to do) and begans to destroy aperture labs to create aperture science world (where shell changed earth to aperture earth)

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#58 Posted by maxhinton1 (2 posts) -

chell being a better character? PHT!! please you must be a girl because that's the only way that logically makes sense. since their are pretty much the same puzzle elements in half life, just minus the portals and plus more physics. Its kinda weird to like annoying lab rat, over a one man army revolutionary, everyone knows almost as a legend, SO much cooler. The next portals will definitely be mainly focused on the robots since i think GlaDos is officially done with humans lol, wants nothing to do with them! The next game will be half life 3, which they will of coarse add an extra layer of story to with having the co-op portal game added to it. Gordan will get the portal gun from the aperture ship that their looking for, the cyclops. Which will most likely give man kind, well Docter kleiner, will probably be able to find some way to permanently shut down the portals the combine try to make, lol or send their planet into a sun or something lol. i have a feeling you'll travel through time in half life 3 accidentally with a altered portal to see in a distance chell running around when it says "warning possible time travel", with a huge ship full of apertures most extreme experiments on board it would make sense. its why they put it on a ship, it was too dangerous to have anywhere near anyone lol. i can see the achievement now "The Future Looks Bleak" or like "Won't this cause some problems?", or "GMAN!!!!!". its also entirely possible that they will have more in portal, like walk through the wheat field to find the worlds a smoking crater, or its all been an illusion, or chell is driven by the parents thing and goes to free them. idk all i know is half life 3 is definitely gonna have you find the cyclops

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#59 Posted by crowturtle (2 posts) -

I think that it should be a prequil of the time between portal 1 and 2 you should be chell's father or mother that escaped from hibernation yada yada yada you are the reason that chell wakes up it was not wheatly who woke her up. it is an idea please tell me what you think.^__^

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#60 Posted by Glonkyglong (2 posts) -

Portal 3 story: 1. GLaDOS starts mega science with P-body and Atlas. 2. Atlas and P-body get separated. 3. After shit loads of test chambers, you find Doug Rattman cowering in a lab corner. (Screw the comic) 4. Doug gives Atlas special Aperture test equipment 5. Atlas turns on GLaDOS and try's to kill her. 6. Atlas fails and GLaDOS kills Doug. 7. Doug planted bombs in Aperture and when he was shot it activated the bombs. 8. Atlas is killed and GLaDOS survived. Right that's how things might go. Chell won't be in the next game, because her story is pretty much finished at Aperture. This is a shit version how things will go, but P-body and Atlas will DEFINATLY be in the next game.

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#61 Posted by Adamsons (877 posts) -

@Swoxx said:

Uhm what's with all the 1 post dudes?

Still surprisingly relevant.

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#62 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2190 posts) -

I wouldn't have a clue what the story would be for Portal 3, but I can make one guess about this thread.

@Glonkyglong, @crowturtle, @maxhinton1, @daveydawg and @hawkzter45: might just be...


...the same person.

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#63 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

@ShiftyMagician said:

I wouldn't have a clue what the story would be for Portal 3, but I can make one guess about this thread.

@Glonkyglong, @crowturtle, @maxhinton1, @daveydawg and @hawkzter45: might just be...


...the same person.

That's actually the story of Portal 3. All of those posters are Gabe Newell.

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#64 Posted by Assassin17 (26 posts) -

No. if they did make a portal 3, then heres what i think it should go.

after months of being in space, Wheatly finds an aperture science satellite, and an idea comes to him. he decides to hack his way into the facility and take over the place again.

as GLaDOS is testing with the robots, she sees that the place is all wacked up, and after wheatly reveals himself on one of the monitors and tells that he has taken over, she tries to send her robots, but with no sucess. with little control, she decides to find the one person who can help her(and most likely kick out after), Chell.

Chell, after finding civilization and now tries to live a normal life, heads home after a day at work, and notices a strange device in the center of her room. the device then fires a beam and transports her to a dark room. she then realizes that she was fired by a transport beam(dont question it. at Aperture, anything can happen) and brung to a secret room where only GLaDOS could talk to her. she then begs her to help bring the facility back in her control before it breaks down again. then midlle,middle,middle. then after she gets to wheatly, he expects it and surprises her by firing a laser at her in which wheatly doesnt know what it does.

and the wierd thing is...

its a time ray.

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#65 Edited by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

Space core reuniting with his family in space.

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#66 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

Explaining why HL2: Episode 3 is not here yet in a civilized manner that doesn't further piss off the fans. If they can do that, they'll of achieved the best video game plot in the industry's entire history.

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#67 Posted by Twiggy199 (624 posts) -

I'm Going to throw some crazy ideas out there, do a bit of brain storming, im gunna say, at the beginning you don't have a portal gun, but you will eventually find one. At some point you'll have to interact with a companion cube?. You'll probably even get to open some doors, you might call me crazy but hopefully, this could happen, fingers crossed.

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#68 Posted by glyn (390 posts) -

@ThatFrood said:

The portal gun will be able to shoot 3 portals.

The portal gun will also have a time travel mechanic

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#69 Edited by SpunkyHePanda (2225 posts) -

@glyn said:

@ThatFrood said:

The portal gun will be able to shoot 3 portals.

The portal gun will also have a time travel mechanic

You die every time you step through a portal, and an exact replica of you comes out on the other side. This has no effect on the gameplay, but it's pretty terrifying.

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#70 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

it should be something like the robots and portal gun come back to earth. they make a new science lab.

if say they do make this idea, i would be pretty pissed if they got chell again.

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#71 Edited by emil2205 (2 posts) -

In HL3, they might visit Aperture Science. In portal, Glados says that "bad things are happening outside". Maybe that is the combine that invaded earth. But how do Glados know that? Look at the start of this message.

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#72 Posted by TheHT (15839 posts) -

Half-Life 3 will feature Chell as the main character. You find out that over the years, Gordon Freeman has become the G-Man, and the there are multiple G-Mans, all Gordon Freemans from different dimensians.

You have to then use the portal gun to travel to these different dimensions to kill every Gordan G-Man. But each dimension has some gimmick you see. One dimension has victorian combine that look nothing like enemies in Dishonored of course, one dimension has GLaDoS as the supreme ruler who naturaly just wants you gone so helps you against the Combine, and another has you teaming up with Adrian Shepard to do stuff.

The finale has you, Father Grigori, whom you've rescued from the Netherrealm, and Shadowfax fighting against Cthulu on the peaks of the Misty Mountains of Madness. And then the Eagles come and herald the Great Steam Sale where everything is 99% off. But if you buy anything it wipes your Steam library, because it's a trick by Shodan. So then you have to free yourself from the Matrix and in the real world track down Shodan to get your Steam games back because of course you bought something.

Your quest takes you to Seattle where you must team up with Shodan to fight Kaiju Gabe with your JaegerIwannaseePacificRimsobad.

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#73 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4497 posts) -

GlaDOS tripped and fell. Now she's back.

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#75 Posted by Cirdain (3797 posts) -

No. It wouldn't make sense if chell came back. Or Gordon for that matter. But one person we don't really know about is ratman. AND in the ending of portal 2 you can see ratman crawling with a companion cube on his back, so really it would be logical if he brought down aperture laboratories instead of just glados, that way valve wouldn't need to answer questions, because they would answer them whilst he destroyed the facility! But then again... Half Life 3 is in progress and will be out soon.

Welcome to giantbomb.com

also "in the ending of portal 2 you can see ratman crawling with a companion cube on his back"... err what?

But yeah, the Borealis is going to be a major part in the next installment of half-life so whatever.

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#77 Posted by pyromagnestir (4505 posts) -


That wasn't ratman, that was one of Wheatley's Cube with legs monstrosities.

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#79 Posted by Daveyo520 (7766 posts) -

@grimid: When the hell did I post in this thread?

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