Is there a video on the evolution of GLaDOS's Voice?

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I know Ryan touched on it in the spoilercast, but her voice has changed a LOT over the games.  From the first time you meet her, to when you're fighting her in portal one, to Still alive, and I haven't payed that much attention to it in 2 but I think it changes with all the things that happen to her.

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In Portal 1 she starts to reveal her real nature as the game goes on. At first she acts like she is nothing more than a pre-recorded voice sample for a puzzle game.

In Portal 2 she definitely changes as well... But to avoid spoilers I won't bother talking about that. Anyone who played it will know automatically.
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Yeah, I know the basic beats.  I'm just curious if someone has made a feature comparing them, like the "Evolution of Ryu in Streetfighter" videos.  it'd be very interesting.

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