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I'm sure many of us have been spending the weekend making all sorts of nifty maps and I figured that people have probably figured out how to do some pretty interesting techniques and item combos to expand upon the limitations of the current editor. I know I have! SO Let's share them! 


Laser Tricks:
First off I'd like to show off a basic laser trick I figured out. 
Many other people came to a similar realization that you can do stuff like that in the editor way before I did admittedly.  Here's a link to that example map.
Using OR gates:
Here's a little map I made that shows one way to utilize an OR gate.  [link]
Using XOR gates:
  Here's the link to the example Map: [link]

Combination Lock:
Also I found this little video tutorial on how to use similar techniques to create an 4 button combination lock. 

The big list of maps:

Logic Circuit: 
OR and XOR Logic Gates:
Timed Floor button:
Cyclic and Timed events example:

I'll post more stuff as I find it!
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I don't see any videos, but I'm guessing they're on YouTube. So I couldn't watch them even if I could see them.

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Very cool tricks. :)

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Oh, wow. Guess some people beat me to the punch with gate logic. It was a fun exercise to create that stuff myself, though. However, seems like my gates are less efficient. The 2-bit adder I constructed uses 13 lasers, which is really hard on performance. The echeese approach to XOR uses the same number of lasers, but no glass panels, which means it takes up less space. My OR gate uses one laser instead of two, but the output needs to be reversed, which requires a NOT gate if the output is going to be combined in a implicit AND operation at a target. However, if you just need an OR, you can save that extra laser.

Two Bits : A 2-bit Adder using lasers and glass panels

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Edit: I've redone my level, and the logic by user echeese is frankly much more efficient than mine. They use as many lasers, but all of the lasers can be off, depending on the state, so overall there are far fewer lasers on at the same time in the new design.

Two Bits Remix

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I updated the thread with a little OR Gate tutorial I did that includes a way to use them practically. I've seen a lot of people show how to make them, but not really how to use them. I should have one for an XOR gate up tomorrow.

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And now I've included a XOR gate example.

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Loading Video...

Check this :-)

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