My "Cara Mia Addio" Cover Song

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My "Cara Mia Addio" Cover Song

I salute you all, test subjects!
Recently I made a simpler cover of Cara Mia Addio just for fun and I had such marvellous reactions that I wasn't expecting.
This encouraged me to make a full A Cappella cover of it and I'm so GLaD I made it because it turned out pretty sweet!

So here's my cover of:
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Now it's live with the video!

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I'm a little disappointed that the actual singing is auto tuned/synthesized, though you may simply be trying to replicate the turrets, but it was still entertaining I suppose.

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Well, that was really cool.

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This is this the first time that I've seen the title of the song in writing, and I was convinced you had it wrong. When I finished Portal 2, I understood the lyrics, and therefore automatically thought it was Spanish. But it's Italian! Listening again (and reading through the lyrics) I have no idea why I thought it was Spanish. "Ché ella stima!" Just sounds a lot like "¨¡Que lástima!" Though they mean completely different things.

Anyways, I enjoyed your cover. Do you have the simpler version you made of this? I would enjoy hearing it.

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