Portal 2 - Environmental References (Spoilers Likely Within)

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So I'm about half way through Portal 2 at the moment, and I've been noticing lots of neat little references in the environment that provide cool colour to the levels you're playing. I thought it would be cool to have a discussion about some of the literary references noted in the game. So... here's one I noticed.

This takes place in the chapter called "The Fall." Once you've reached the bottom and explored a bit, you'll notice a large structure that is vaguely labelled "Tartaros 09" (basically Tartarus). In mythology, Tartarus is located as far below hades as the heavans are to the earth. Interestingly... this is Tartaros 09, or Dante might describe it as the ninth circle of hell. Just thought that was kind of cool.

Anyone else notice anything?
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Didn't notice anything on my first playthrough, though I'll do a closer look on my next playthrough now that I know it's in there.

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haha that is interesting.  i'll be sure to look for that stuff my next playthrough.  i'm not that observant the first time i play games.

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