Portal 2 Getting In-Game Map Editor Next Year

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#51 Posted by OverlyEquipped (21 posts) -

Huh, I wonder if it would be a good idea if they would allow you to choose between different eras of Aperture Science as level templates.

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#52 Posted by deactivated-58f9a027d9bbc (379 posts) -

so is that something like the forge world of halo reach?

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#53 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

Fantastic announcement!

@Nadafinga said:

Portal 2 meets Littlebigplanet? Yes please.

You do know Little big planet is far from being the first or only game to ever had an editor right? :P

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#54 Posted by HectorZahl (3 posts) -

This seems like a really cool idea if valve releases a good tool kit

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#55 Posted by britxmenyuan (80 posts) -

yet i think this feature should totally included in the first one.

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