PORTAL 2 Wheatley Ringtonr

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#1 Posted by saintkitten (15 posts) -
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#2 Posted by BombKareshi (1042 posts) -

Cool! Definitely using this, if I can get it to download.
Could you upload it to Mediafire or something else that doesn't suck?

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#3 Posted by SadPatrol (529 posts) -

Cool, I'm gonna get it

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#4 Posted by LetsRockBaby (223 posts) -

That's rad. Definitely gonna use it.

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#5 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7810 posts) -

That's so awesome, good job.

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#6 Posted by Adamsons (877 posts) -

Anyone have the turret "Hello..? Are you still there?"

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#7 Posted by Metal_Mills (3532 posts) -

Stephen Merchant on my phone?  Yes please.

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#8 Edited by zyte (183 posts) -

That's pretty fucking awesome! Well done sir, well done.

EDITED. (Realised you're a woman.)

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#9 Posted by project343 (2897 posts) -

Man. This is excellent. USED.

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#10 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

More people deserve to know about this! I'll definitely be using this!

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