Save bug (PS3)

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Who else has run into an autosave bug where the icon keeps spinning? When I pause the game I can't un-pause it so I have to quit. It ends up not saving any of my progress. I downloaded the game twice but it still happens. What do I do?

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My friend who just recently bought the PS3 version is getting this problem(along with a lot of online issues), I've never played the PS3 version before so I was pretty confused about it. Was the game updated recently? Because I can't really find anything about it online.

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@notnottyler: I couldn't find any information about it either.

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@sethphotopoulos: I put up a question on Steam support, it probably won't get answered anytime soon since I doubt valve has a priority for Portal 2 these days but hopefully it gathers a little attention. I would suggest you do the same just to gather a little more attention to this.

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The servers went down on Oct 28th late at night, they havn't been back on since. Currently you can't platinum this because Professor Portal and Friendslist with Benefits (hugs) trophies are unattainable even in split screen co op. Also you can't pause/save issues in the solo campaign. I am hoping they get it fixed soon.

Last time someone got the online server trophies was Oct 28th...

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Has anyone found out a way to work around the autosave bug, or heard anything from Valve Support about it?

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Sorry to bump, but it seems this issue is ongoing.

The solution is simple: sign out of PSN. Of course this will affect coop, but you can now play single player without the crash. Hope this helps.

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What has worked for me is the followingssequence: First you have to have your Portal 2 game on the PS3 linked to a Steam account.

With that done, when the save loop happens hit the "PS" button on the center of your controller & sign out of PSN. Next hit "PS" button again to be returned to your game. If not already on the pause menu, press the "Start" button. Now press "Select" to bring up a Steam menu. Using it to log back into PSN will break the auto-saving loop & allows you to then make manual saves. This should stop the auto-save glitch until you shut down the PS3. Next time you start the game you'll have to do it again. So far this is all I've found that works. Hope it helps!

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