[XBOX Co-Op] Friends With Benefits

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#1 Posted by gashna (155 posts) -

Hi folks
I am looking for co-op hugs in order to get this achievement.
So if you are just add me-> Gashna

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#2 Posted by Gerhabio (1996 posts) -

Hey, you're up to helping a fellow duder get this too?

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#3 Edited by RustySpoon (152 posts) -

I'm also looking for one more duder to get this achievement.  
Gamertag is yourrustyspoon 

@G3RHRT:  Tried to add you, what's your gamertag?
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#4 Posted by Rafaelfc (2237 posts) -

I need the hugs achievement and the professor portal one. would help anyone who needs any achievement as well... if you need hugs and can help me with professor portal add me please 

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#5 Posted by RustySpoon (152 posts) -
@rafaelfc: I can help you out with the Friends With Benefits achievement, no problem. And if I can find a 48 hour trial code, I'll hook you up with the Professor Portal one as well.

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