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Stop and smell the science 0

The original Portal was a short but sweet surprise hit, and one could only wonder if a full blown retail sequel was a realistic option for a game that seemed to be a tech demo as much as anything else. Valve for one didn’t find it to be a problem, as Portal 2 is every bit as fantastic as the original, and well worth the price of admission for anyone but the stingiest gamer. Stripped down to its core, Portal 2, like the original, is a puzzle game through and through. You once again wield y...

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The cake is still a lie... let's have a slice. 0

  Bundling Portal with The Orange Box a few years back was a great move by Valve. Portal, while fun, was a short almost side game in the series, but felt complete and well tuned. When Portal 2 was first announced, my first concern was length, and how well the puzzle fun would translate if the game were longer. I’ll admit it: I was very skeptical a stand-alone title such as Portal would work. I was even more shocked when Gabe Newell of Valve announced the PlayStation 3 version was going to ...

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Now You're Thinking With Portals... 0

2007 was arguably one of the best years in game release history. That year, a dozen or more AAA titles released, hitting the pockets and calendars of gamers everywhere. The Orange Box is one example, and packaged in as part of a five game deal was Portal. Portal was a puzzle platformer the likes of which had never been seen. The popularity of the Half-Life franchise combined with the deal of 5 games for the price of one drew gamers to The Orange Box and Portal became an overnight hit while ...

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Brilliant 2

Writing a review for Portal 2 is difficult. This game is jam-packed with memorable moments and expertly designed gameplay. I had such a great time with it, I just want to write a review that says "THIS GAME IS AWESOME, GO BUY IT NOW!". In fact, if I was a rich man, I would buy everyone in the world a copy. Unfortunately, I can't get on a megaphone and preach the good-word of Chell's latest adventure. So perhaps I should articulate the hows and whys of Portal 2's importance.   The original ...

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A Beautiful Sequel to a Genius Game 0

I, like many other video game fanatics was a huge fan of the original Portal. The gameplay, narrative, and environments of the game captured my mind in a specific way that no other game was able to do before, nor has been able to do since. Naturally my expectations for Portal 2 were very lofty, perhaps unreasonably so, but Portal 2 surprised even me with its quality. The game brings back everything you loved about the first game, but with a more in-depth and varied approach to every component wh...

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Get Back to Thinking with Portals 0

The 2007 collection of Valve hits that made up the Orange Box was an amazing deal for gamers. Whether you were new to Half-Life or not, there was plenty of gaming to be had. With Half-Life 2 and it's two episodes, and the multiplayer phenom Team Fortress 2, you had plenty of things to shoot and kill. Then there was Portal. This puzzle game was full of innovative gameplay, memorable characters and a new antagonist that remains a fan favorite. Originally beginning as a student project, Portal beca...

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I think with Portals. Truly. 1

The original Portal, is quite simply, one of the best games ever made. Its narrative is appropriately vague, tight, and absolutely hilarious. The gameplay is also equally as brilliant. Portal 2 takes all the qualities of the original, and somehow manages to expand upon them. Valve takes the Portal series from a memorable, and somewhat peculiar game, to a series that is as innovative as Half-Life before it. Portal 2 is simply Portal evolved, it takes the bits and pieces of Portal that made it so...

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Portal 2 0

 Portal 2 is a video game developed by Valve for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3. I am reviewing the PC version that includes Steam Play (Valve’s online gaming service for PC and mac) for Mac and PS3. You can play co-op with Mac and PS3 users using your PC version. You also use your same copy and play it on Mac. If you get the game on PS3 you will also get a digital copy of the game for both PC and Mac. Portal 2 is the sequel to the Orange Box collection’s Portal. Portal was originally packag...

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Source Engine Still Amazes Me 0

Portal 2 is the followup to Portal which was originally a pack in the the Orange Box. Portal 1 could not have held up as a stand alone product which is why many people were doubting Valve’s decision to make Portal 2 a full retail game. The original Portal only clocked in around three-four hours, which as a pack in with four other games is long enough. Portal 2 is full price and it is a full length game. First play-through of the single-player netted me around eight hours. The single-player could...

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A fantastic sequel 0

First things first: This review is spoiler free.Back in 2007, Valve released a product called The Orange Box which offered five games for a damn good price: Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode 1, HL2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. The set was incredible deal and offered an incredibly rich Half-Life experience to those who haven't played it, but it was Portal that was gaining the most widespread attention. Portal was a puzzle/adventure game and instead of shooting bullets at monsters, you'...

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Portals, gels, light bridges, lasers, a new friend and an old one 1

  The first Portal was a triumph of modern game design: fun, challenging, funny and overall an original experience. The combination of mind bending 3D puzzles, humour that was genuinely funny, and a clean and fresh aesthetic gave the game the individuality which set it apart from the dingy grimy look of other games of the period. All of this was experienced in an afternoon’s worth of play time and gave Portal a special place within the hearts of all that played it. If there was ever a hard act ...

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Portal 2 is one of the best games you'll ever play, guaranteed 0

I'm not usually one to start off reviews with such hyperbole, but in the case of Portal 2 it's necessary. Because the above isn't simple hyperbole; it's fact. Portal 2 is a game made of nothing but the utmost excellence. Not a single element falls short. Everything delivers only the absolute best. The writing, witty and humorous, giving the characters infectious personalities; the gameplay, constantly challenging your mental faculties with cleverly crafted puzzles; the story, lengthy an...

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Review: Portal 2 0

At it's heart, Portal 2, Valve's 2011 first person puzzler, is a dystopia. In the tradition of dystopian fiction, it takes a negative trend from the society of the time, and asks what that society would look like if the trend were brought to it's logical conclusion. Dystopia always starts with a question. "What if our fixation with security led to nation-wide surveillance?" "What if our understanding of DNA allowed us to design human beings?" Or in the case of the Portal series, "What if scienti...

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A Display of Complex Beauty 0

Valves second take on the dimension bending puzzler genre is nothing short of artistic beauty. When it comes to level design, story, dialogue, and character interactions Portal 2 is second to none in almost every category. More often than not people who play Portal 2 will have already experienced the 'masterpiece' of the first Portal, either standalone or bundled with The Orange Box. Coming from someone who played the sequel first I can say without a doubt that Portal 2 surpasses the original i...

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Portal 2 review 0

The first Portal was an amazing game that came out amidst 2 giant pc games (Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2) on the Orange Box. It is a testament to how good portal is that it was the most impressive game to come out of that package. A full $60 sequel to a 2-4 hour gem that was extremely original. That was a concern coming into Portal 2 could it stay original? Could it really work as a 6-8 hour game? Could it justify the $60 price tag? The answers are yes, yes and mostly. Portal 2 delivers a fu...

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Portal evolves into a full-fledged franchise 0

When the first Portal was released it was conveniently released along with Half-Life 2, its two expansions and Team Fortress 2 forming the award-winning Orange Box. It was the only unreleased piece available, it could be said that it was safe with heavy hitters like the ones mentioned, still, it ended up one a highlight of the package.It was simple really, a few puzzles where a portal gun was required to bypass them, a filler main character, an out-f-the-ordinary main villain, a light story and...

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Wait for a drop in price. 9

I'm not one for writing long reviews, so I am going to keep this short.The game is really good, no doubt; the humor hits well and often, the old portal gameplay is made fresh again through the inclusion of gravity vents and gels, there is even a new credits song.Despite all of this I completed the game in 6 hours, including breaks to make food and go to the toilet etc. The coop campaign is fun but once again, fairly short if you and your partner are good at working together.It all comes down to ...

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One of The Most Memorable Experiences in Recent Memory 1

  Usually I would have a written review as well as a video. However, the text of my Portal 2 review was lost. Therefore, I have uploaded the video here. Please do not dismiss this post solely on it's length. Thanks guys and enjoy....

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Better In The Worst Ways 0

NARRATIVE Luckily for Portal 2, its writing is good enough to carry the rest of the game. Without the strength of the narrative the rest of the design of Portal 2 just feels lazy. Portal 2 picks up a good chunk of time after the original but ultimately that doesn't matter as the design of the game is identical to Portal 1 with the exception of the introduction of new elements like blue and orange gels. Portal 2 digs deeper in to the back story of Aperture science but the script seems to be more...

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Awesome Ride 3

The witticisms, portal mischief, and unique puzzles are back, but this time there is more. If you loved the first Portal, you will love Portal 2. What makes Portal 2 a masterpiece is how much it draws from Half-Life 2. For about a third of the game you are on your own in a world that is silent and abandoned. There is no limiting AI overmind to stop you. It is a world that has lost its significance a long time ago, and it arouses the excitement of the hunt, even a feeling of freedom and rebellio...

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GLaDOS Online, Resume Testing... 0

There's something really special about the Portal franchise, and it's not just because of the dark humor or brilliantly-designed puzzles that escalate the experience. It may be the fact that with each time the game is played someone, somewhere is having a good laugh and enjoying the unique atmosphere that the game creates. Portal 2 is the continuation to 2007's game, a true gem in modern gaming, and one that contributed to the success of Orange Box. Valve Software has really stepped it up in the...

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A good game but overdesigned in some spots and lacking in others 1

I won't bother with a long preamble since you know roughly what Portal 2 is and are probably thinking about whether to get it now or wait for a price drop. Before I start I feel I should also say that I avoided reading anything about Portal 2 because I knew it would be an automatic buy for me since it's a Valve game so I can give a review that's unaffected by the hype surrounding the game. Portal 2 shows the same incredible level of polish that marks recent Valve games but some of this polish sm...

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Portal 2 is bigger, funnier and more challenging than the first. 0

Odds are likely that if you owned a decent rig or a console by the time The Orange Box hit store shelves back in 2007--you bought it and experienced a little game called Portal. For the uninitiated, Portal was a cerebral, puzzle-based game seen from a first-person perspective, casting players in the role of Chell, a female test subject who had to work her way through devious test chambers under the watchful eye of the wise-cracking, passiv...

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Think with Portals 0

Portal 2 reviewPortal 2 does the unexpected, it takes a critically aclaimed story and expands it in ways that did not seem possible. In Portal 1 the story seemed to focus around Glados and the environment you are in. Characters were built and expectations of their definition were made. However Portal 2 goes and changes your perception of Aperture Science, Glados, and the many new faces of the world the game takes place in.This is supprising as many of you may have seen Portal as the pinnicle of...

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Portal 2: What I was counting on 0

The sequel to Valve’s mini-game, Portal, Portal 2 picks up where the previous game left off, but now chock-full of more humour, story and insane puzzle solving than ever before. As a huge fan of the first game, I played this game with a sense of joy, as I really do love Valve’s innovative ideas of developing games. Portal 2 stands as one of the best games of 2011, and will be hard-pressed to lose that title in my eyes.   Having said that, digging into Portal 2 is essential to understand just...

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Superior to the first in every way. 5

Portal could have been great. The concept was ingenious: a gun that shoots portals is a very cool thing indeed, and allows for some amazing level design. Unfortunately Valve screwed up by making the puzzles way too simple – the whole game felt like a long tutorial for a set of harder, better puzzles that didn't actually exist. Enter Portal 2. It's got a plethora of new puzzle elements: tractor beams, cubes that redirect lasers, a gel that makes you bounce, a gel that lets you move at lightning s...

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Portal 2: Wheatley, you're making me feel uncomfortable 0

Arriving 4 years after the breakout success of Valve's Portal, Portal 2 is a fine piece of digital storytelling that is without a doubt one of the best games of the year. You play as Chell, a woman being experimented on like a lab rat by a sociopathic artificial intelligence called Glados. You are given a truly astonishing piece of technology called a portal gun which can make an entrance and exit on any compatible surface letting you link almost any two bits of geography to each other, creating...

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Absolutely fantastic 0

I usually hate when people discuss Valve games as they seem to hold Valve on this unattainable pedestal of perfection in game design. I never thought the Half Life games were the pinnacle of game design that some people apparently infer, but i have to give credit where credit is due for Portal 2.   Portal 2 takes everything that was wonderful in the first game and adds a nice additional layer to it that adds interest without adding undue complexity. Even a new player can hop into this game at al...

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Portal 2 provides an engaging expansion on the original! 0

Portal was released in 2007 as part of a much larger package called "The Orange Box", which was a series of games all released for the price of one standalone game as a Valve corp. apology for the lengthy development period of Half Life 2 Episode 2. Unfortunately, what was unforeseen at that time, was the significantly longer wait for Half Life 2 Episode 3 or Half Life 3, which, after the release of Duke Nukem Forever, remains the internet's most infamous example of vaporware. So how they will a...

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a continued legacy of quality 0

With the first Portal we were given a bite sized puzzle game that introduced us to the mind bending concept of portals, physics, and momentum. And in this sequel we get a full blown title with a more robust campaign and the addition of multi player.   I could spend time talking about all the awesome parts of this game but there are 40+ reviews doing that already. There's really only one complaint i have about this game. Valve does such a perfect job of pacing the introduction of all the new puzz...

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Portal 2 is just for you. YAY! 0

So, video games. Hmmm. I've played a fair amount of video games, I feel comfortable calling myself a gamer (though I don't define myself by that label) and I would also like to think that I have relatively good taste in games. Anyways, onto business.I viewed the original Portal as merely a fortuitous inclusion in the Orange Box. I was actually quite excited for HL2 and the included episodes 1 and 2 (like plenty of gamers, i'm poor and have to wait a while to buy games). I was pleasantly surprise...

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Valve Saved Science 0

I've been waiting to review this game until I finished multiplayer, and now that I have, I can give it the 5 stars it absolutely deserves. The single player campaign really warrants the rating by itself, as it is twice as long as the campaign from the original and features loads more story and humor. The voice acting really is utterly top notch. with J.K. Simmons making a very welcome appearance as the president of Aperture Science, and Stephen Merchant as the earnestly clueless Wheatley. The co...

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You should probably play Portal 2 at some point. 0

Though it is not known, I actually have most of a review for the Orange Box. I played through all of Portal, Half-Life 2 and some of Episode 1. I never had any intention to play Team Fortress 2 of course but I do have it hear, mostly finished but not complete enough to share. Needless to say it got really long. So when Valve decided to follow up the huge success of Portal with a standalone sequel, I finally have to chance to praise the game on its own. For those who aren’t familiar with what Por...

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I Needn't Have Worried... 0

When writing up my thoughts on Portal 2 I had two options 1. I could attempt to be spoiler free and vague with my thoughts essentially smearing my review in a thin layer of Vaseline like vagueness or 2.I can just say what I want and preface the whole thing like this POTENTIAL SPOLERS!…There you’ve been warned. Now read on.If I had one wish regarding the gaming industry it’s this. I wish all developers had a second income stream like Steam for Valve and WOW for Blizzard because I wish every devel...

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The filet mignon of puzzle games 0

Portal 2 is a spectacular game that's both easy and difficult to review at the same time because there's plenty to say about what's good, but also I want to make sure I do proper justice to it. This review will definitely contain massive spoilers so don't even think about reading this before you've played the game. Play it. At the writing of this review it's already gone down to $40 so there's no excuse. Portal was nothing short of a sweeping internet phenomenon and deservedly so. Its length wa...

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Thinking with portals ...and outside the box 0

Portal 2 surpassed my fondest expectations. I was surprisingly amused with the 1st installment and utterly enthralled with the sequel.This an absolute gem of a game. Lost of surprises and challenges along the way. Who would have thought that the evil AI would go through such a dramatic transformation?The co-op is great, though here in Brazil it is hard to find a regular partner to play through the game.I am really grateful to have played such a marvelous game and wholeheartedly recommended this ...

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The "Pillsbury" of Puzzle Games 0

Portal 2, simply put, is intelligent, innovative, and massively entertaining. At least, that’s what it says on the back of the box. But the truth is, the game is so much more than that. Portal 2 delivers an experience that not many other video games do. The game combines mind-bending puzzles, clever humor, and a great story to create a very strong game of the year contender for 2011.             Portal 2 continues where the original left off. You are woken up by a small little robot, which le...

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Portal 2 Passes the Test 0

Below is the review for the single player campaign of Portal 2 and contains spoilers.Portal is an epic experience. From the gripping opening to the closing seconds of the game it is rollcoaster of pure awesome. Typically I would not string a series of adverbs in my writings but here they pale in fully describing how much I truly enjoyed the game. For Valve fans I think this sums up how I feel: I would rather have a Portal 3 before a Half-Life: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3.The game starts off more or...

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Test With a Friend 0

I thought Portal was a great game, but Portal 2 is even better! As you would expect from a sequel, it revisits a lot of the same concepts (even some of the same test chambers), but it also adds a lot more, such as a cooperative mode, longer single-player, and gels that let you bounce, run faster, or place portals where you otherwise couldn’t. Solving the puzzles with a friend (your partner in science) is great fun, and once you’ve solved them all there are player-created...

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The "Pillsbury" of Puzzle Games 0

Portal 2, simply put, is intelligent, innovative, and massively entertaining. At least, that’s what it says on the back of the box. But the truth is, the game is so much more than that. Portal 2 delivers an experience that not many other video games do. The game combines mind-bending puzzles, clever humor, and a great story to create a very strong game of the year contender for 2011. Portal 2 continues where the original left off. You are woken up by a small little robot, which leads to you runn...

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Too expensive for too little 0

I've just finished my first play though of Portal 2 and I'm feeling a bit ripped off, especially considering I only bought it today and it cost €50.   It took me around five hours to complete (the Steam clock says "4 hours" but I think I was playing it for a bit longer than that). The game itself doesn't really go in the direction I was hoping for in the sequel, opting more for comic moments and witty dialogue rather than fiendish puzzles and mind-bending level construction.  The Source engine a...

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Portal 2 PS3 Review - a Guide in Gaming Excellence. 0

Valve has an unfortunate disorder of not being able to release a game with 3 at the end of it, whether it be Team Fortress 3, Half Life 2: Episode 3 or even just Half Life 3. While this has angered some gamers, it makes more sense to try and enjoy its benefits which just so happen come in the form of Portal 2.You pick up where you left off from in the original, taking control of Chell and trying to escape the facility run by Glados, a maniacal computer that treats science as a drug habit its nev...

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Now You're Thinking. 0

Portal has become a household name in gaming, the first iteration being nothing more than an experiment which became a phenomenon that Valve, and the student developers of Narbacular Drop, could never have predicted. Portals, cakes, and science (because we can) quickly became the memes of the year and beyond as Portal permeated gaming culture in a profound way. Valve was pleased with this, and set to work quickly on a sequel, promising a lot more than a small experimental game with its second co...

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Portal-rific ... ? 0

I went into Portal 2 expecting more of that same great experience I had in Portal. A few second into the game I could tell that this sequel was more then just a cosmetic makeover of its predecessor.  It is hard to imagine what goes on in the minds of the talented folks at Valve. I would like to think that Gabe Newell himself trains each employee individually on creativity. Each unique game play mechanism introduced throughout Portal 2 is used to solve multiple puzzles that require the player to ...

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