Details of Steam presence on the Playstation 3!

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LInk to article:

Wow! aparently we are getting cross everything: Matchmaking, Chat, Friends and Achievments.. niiiiceee!  Im mostly a PS3/PC gamer thou I´ve been expending most of my time in the PS3 lately, anyway this seems to be a pretty rad deal, Im definitely getting the ps3 version, I hope this crossover is just the begining of a profitable relation for both companies, we all know Sony is mostly a hardware manufacturer and it´s pretty much clueless about software & online ( thou they have get better lately ) they sure can use some of the Valve expertize on the matter.

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I do wonder though and Valve didnt really make this that clear but can I buy the PS3 version, redeem the code on the PC with my main account and then create a new Steam account on the PS3 and play with my brother between the two copies of the game. Or can I only play either one at a time? 

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@ShaneDev: No.  You need the Steam account to have the serial to play it on Steam.  If you steal that code for use on PC and give someone a used copy, they can't play on Steam.
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@KaosAngel: I do not understand what you are saying. They state that you can link you PSN ID to Steam and then redeem the code on Steam to get the PC version. After that if I give that PS3 copy to someone else  surely they should be able to log in to Steam (on PS3) with a new ID and then I add them as a friend on Steam and play Co op.  
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@ShaneDev: yep, Im guessing the code for the steam/ps3 link works only in 1 account for each service, you are gona be able to play the game in multiple ps3/acounts without the link thou.. kind of an online pass
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This is awesome but if they ever do games with competitive multiplayer it's gonna get ugly.

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Steam integration for PS3 sounds fucking phenomenal. I would love if, in the future, more games took advantage of this since the majority of my friends play games on Steam.

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This is..Crazy.

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 Man at this point I just want steam ON the ps3 and them to take over the digital download publishing side of psn hell, apart from sony exclusives 80% of games come out on steam anyway!

 Why not allow them to host the ps3 ports of them and distribute them through the ps3 - at full price, with steam taking the 20% (or whatever) extra that youd normally get off the price, but with the inclusion of the PC/mac builds too? 
It makes sense - digital copies and games still sell at full price as is happening more often - Steam still get a cut for providing their service, and get more subscribers through console only owners
and the ps3 version of most games, becomes the default choice to buy on a console, because of the multiple platform play and support

Sony wins, Steam wins, Publisher and developers win, and people who want to download instead of buy physical media, have an incentive to do so, other than "it costs the same, but i dont have to leave the house"    

That would be a perfect world however - i really cant see it going that far, but it would be nice!
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@OmegaPirate: Considering next gen is mostly about digital distribution that would be a really smart move by Sony, Valve have the expertice advantage in digital distribution on par with apple.. I hope sony smart up for once and work close to valve for their next console

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