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Aperture Science is from the Half-Life universe.  Does that make portal part of the Half-Life franchise?  If not, what separates the two? Aperture Science is not just mentioned in the Half-Life universe; it will be featured prominently in HL2: Ep 3.

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They are direct competitors to Black Mesa.

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Yeah. That doesn't answer my question at all. I think that the games X-Wing and TIE Fighter are part of the same franchise despite the fact that they are from opposing perspectives. In fact there was later X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in the same series.

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Ah, I just found the answer. I didn't realize a game could be in multiple franchises.

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Yeah, portal is directly linked to black mesa so it is in the franchise.

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Portal is NOT part of the half life franchise, it is a separate game that crosses over into the HL universe.
For example Kingdom Hearts features FF characters but it is not part of the FF franchise. I know it's a bit different in the HL/Portal case but I can't think of another example right now.

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