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    A first-person puzzle game developed by Valve and graduates of DigiPen, Portal forces a human test subject to run a gauntlet of grueling spatial experiments administered by a malfunctioning, psychotic artificial intelligence named GLaDOS.

    sin4profit's Portal (PC) review

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    Short but very sweet.

    Portal isn't a very long game. In fact, after you know what you're doing you can probably beat it in 2 hours. I know this because i have played the game to completion more then a few times. This is a testament to how sweet those 2 hours are.

    Portal is a first person puzzle game in which you play a test subject for Aperture Science. The game starts you out as you'd expect slowly going over simple puzzles but mid way through takes a very interesting turn and breathes story telling life into what could have just been a collection of puzzle levels.

    The gameplay itself is like nothing you've ever played before (...or at least i haven't ) as you use your FPS skills to get yourself around puzzling levels. From simply teleporting yourself from one wall to another, teleporting objects to crush enemies, and teleporting off of high places to fling yourself through the air there are many different ways to approach some situations and later makes you feel like you're apart of something bigger then simple puzzle level progressions as you use the skills you've learned in "real world" situations..

    After you're done with the Story more there are also time challenge levels and stand alone highly challenging levels for you to complete.

    Portal is a must play game and if you haven't played it it's available in The Orange Box ( a collection of Valve software developed games ), a stand alone retail product, or even as a download via Valve's steam service.

    Greatest game ending ever...EVER!

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