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The player can buy multiple ships of different quality. The object of the game is to earn money while transport different goods to and from different ports around the globe. The buy/sell-price of both goods and fuel for the ship varies around the globe so the player must try to find the right combination of cargo and destination. The player controls the finance from his office and chooses the ship's destinations from a globe view.

Different situations can occur with the ships while on a mission. Among others this include navigating the ship around ice bergs or reefs(the player can opt to travel around these and around storms, but must then accept a time delay), rescue ship wrecked drifting the sea in rescue boats. Ships in bad conditions can sink or get rats which can destroy the cargo.

When arriving or leaving a port, the player can choose to use tow boats in or out of the harbor or steer the ship themselves(sometimes the tow boats are on strike and the player does not have a choice). More expensive and modern ships are easier to control because of extra motors, but are also larger. Crashing the ship in the harbor, the reefs or ice bergs result in time delay and reperation cost.

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