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    Poseidon is the son of Cronos and Rhea. When he was born Cronos swallowed him whole and he survived and grew inside Cronos' belly due to his immortality. He grew inside the belly of Cronos with his other siblings until Zeus freed him and his siblings. They then waged war against the Titans.

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    After the war against the Titans, he and his brothers, Zeus and Hades, drew lots for the kingdoms they would rule. Zeus was decided to rule over the skies and air. Hades to rule the underworld. Finally Poseidon got to rule the sea. Poseidon is also god of earthquakes and horses. He is a key character at the events of the Trojan War, the Odyssey, and the Titanomachy. He also held a contest against Athena for the rulership of Athens.Poseidon is married to the Sea Goddess Amphitrite. His daughters are the nymphs of the rivers and the oceans.He is known to make love to nymphs and produce many Cyclops children.

    As the immortal ruler of the seas, Poseidon possesses the power to manipulate water, storms, and lightning, able to create strong waves and violent storms to bring the rage of the oceans upon those who anger him. As a god he was immortal, and possessed super strength, flight, and shapeshift. He could also reform himself into a massive, elemental form resembling a Titan. This form, in his own image, was entirely water-based, with rocks forming details on his chest and head. This form also primed his already great strength, allowing him to pound Gaia and Kratos with great force. Below his waist a large jet of water was maintained, with Hippocampi protruding out of it, which Poseidon used actively in his battle with Gaia and Kratos.

    Age of Mythology

    He is the main antagonist in the game, looking to sink Atlantis to the depths of the Ocean and to free Cronos for Tartarus

    Kid Icarus

    Poseidon briefly appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising, assisting Pit and Palutena in their journey to find Thanatos. He scolds Palutena for taking credit in parting the sea, and threatens to drown Pit as punishment. Palutena and Pit quickly apologize and thank Poseidon for his help. He tells Palutena about how Medusa's army has invaded the sea, and that it is Palutena's responsibility to stop her, and bring peace back to their world. When Pit arrives at Thanatos's palace, Poseidon gives encouragement to Pit, and returns the sea to normal to stop reinforcements from reaching Thanatos.


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