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Basic Information

Poshul is a Leena's pink dog with two tails. She talks with a lisp, which is reflected in her text boxes. In battle she uses gloves (which are her paws) and has a yellow innate color. 


She lives outside of Leena's hut in a dog house. She can be found running around with the children outside of Radius' house. When given a heckran bone she decides to join Serge and Lenna on their adventure to find the Komodo Scales. She is brought with Serge to Another World and meets the other version of herself. 

How to recruit

Look under the bed above the restaurant in the Arni Village of Home World to find the Heckran Bone. Give it to Poshul and she will gladly join the party. 


K-9 Ball - Acquired at star level 3. Poshul rolls into a ball and bounces at a single enemy. 
Doggy Dunnit - Acquired at star level 15. Poshul spins around creating a strong wind, which strikes the enemy party. 
Unleashed - Acquired by brining Poshul to see Leena in the Arni Village of Home World after Serge is back in his original body. Poshul takes off her collar, grows much larger, and belly flops on the enemy.

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