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Power bombs can be used to open yellow doors in Super Metroid and also all access past blocks which contain a small power bomb symbol on them. The blast radius encompasses the entire screen. Additionally, the power bomb allows access to a variety of special moves in Super Metroid.

 Crystal Flash

Samus Using the Crystal Flash in Super Metriod 
Samus Using the Crystal Flash in Super Metriod 

This allows you to refill your Energy Tanks.
1. You must have 49 or less energy units.
2. You must have 10 or more missiles, 10 or more Super Missles, and 11 or more Power Bombs.
3. Choose the Power Bomb icon, and morph.
4. Press and hold the L,R, and shot buttons and hold DOWN on the control pad.
You will absorb the blast and refill your energy.

Secret Attacks

1. Equip the Charge Beam and ONE other beam ability e.g. ice or wide (NOT two)
2. Select the power bombs but do not enter morph ball mode.
3. Charge your beam up and you should use one of the following secret attacks:
Ice- A shield will form around you damaging enemies you touch
Wave-Energy Balls circle you then Fire away from you in various directions
Plasma-Same as wave but with Plasma effect
Spazer- Large beams fire away from you like shrapnel
4. This will use up one of your Power Bombs (It may not work if you've just finished charging, give it another second)


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