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    Power Sokoban

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 01, 1999

    A game in the Sokoban box-pushing puzzle franchise that was first sold through the Super Famicom's "Nintendo Power" service.

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    Power Sokoban is a puzzle game for the Super Famicom in the Sokoban series created by Thinking Rabbit. Along with Power Lode Runner which was released the same day, Atelier Double and Nintendo took classic games and created special versions for the Nintendo Power cart-writing service, hence the "Power" in the title. Unlike Power Lode Runner, the success of Power Sokoban eventually prompted Nintendo to release the game as a retail product later the same year.

    In the game, the player controls a red oni who with the help of his youkai friends attempts to escape a maze while collecting red and blue magatama. Various rooms in the maze presents Sokoban-style puzzles, where the player has to push all the heavy objects to their designated spots on the screen. The overhead style and maze-like level design recalled The Legend of Zelda and the Adventures of Lolo series. In many cases a player could keep exploring past the puzzle and come back later if it served too challenging. In addition to pushing objects, the player character is capable of spouting fireballs and bomb-like explosions which are used in various puzzles as well.


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