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    Power Stars

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    The stars of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy that Mario needs to collect. There are 754 of them in these 4 games. Mario needs the required amount of stars in order to face Bowser and see the endings depending on the game you're playing.

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    A Red Power Star in Super Mario Galaxy. You got a Star!
    A Red Power Star in Super Mario Galaxy. You got a Star!

    Power Stars are the stars that Mario and co. need to collect in the Super Mario series. It first appeared in Super Mario 64 where Mario needs to collect 120 of them from Bowser in order to save Peach. This ups to 150 in the DS remake of the game where they can earn special stars. In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario and Luigi need to collect 242 of them from various galaxies throughout the game. There are also Green Stars, Red Stars, and Grand Stars in Super Mario Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario needs to collect 242 in order to save the galaxies. Altogether, that makes a grand total of 754 stars in these 4 games. In Super Mario Sunshine, Shine Sprites occupy the same role Power Stars do in the aforementioned titles, while Super Mario Odyssey replaces them with Power Moons.

    Stars Required to Fight Bowser

    Throughout Mario's adventures, he needs to collect the required number of stars to reach the Koopa King. Here's a lowdown on the required number of stars so Mario can reach Bowser:

    • Super Mario 64: In Super Mario 64, Mario needs 8 to reach the first Bowser Battle, 30 to the second Bowser Battle, and 70 to face off in the final Bowser showdown.
    • Super Mario 64 DS: In the DS remake, the scoring is a bit different. Now Mario needs 12 for the first, 30 for the second, and 80 for the big Bowser showdown.
    • Super Mario Galaxy: In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario can face off against the Koopa King. For the first battle, he needs 15 Power Stars, 33 Stars enables him to the second round against the Koopa King, and for the final showdown, he needs 60.
    • Super Mario Galaxy 2: Super Mario Galaxy 2 also has 3 Bowser battles and to face off against the Koopa King, he needs 16 for the first round, 40 for the second round, and 70 for the final showdown.

    Stars Required to See Endings

    The only two games that requires the player to see two endings are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. To see these endings, the player must collect the required amount of Power Stars and defeat Bowser for the third and final time. Here's a lowdown:

    • Super Mario Galaxy: If the player collects 60-119 Power Stars, then the first ending involves Mario and Peach looking at the new galaxy. After that, Mario shouts "Welcome, welcome new galaxy!" and the credits begin to roll. If 120 of them are collected, then a second ending will occur. The second one stars Rosalina and she will thank the player for all of the hard work.
    • The second ending of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Power Stars Needed: 120
      The second ending of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Power Stars Needed: 120
      Super Mario Galaxy 2: If the player's Power Star total is between 70-119, then the first ending will occur. The first ending involves the return of Rosalina and the Comet Observatory. Luma said that his mom has arrived and decided to take Mario's hat as a thank you gift for all of his hard work. After that, Lubba said that Mario and Peach must return home and then, the credits begin to roll. If 120 of them are collected, then the second ending involves Rosalina telling the story of the game. After that, Luma came in and she said that everyone is together. Then she will tell the story about the Green Power Stars.

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