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    Power Stone 2

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 24, 2000

    Power Stone 2 is a classic 3D fighting arena video game developed by Capcom for the Sega Dreamcast. It is a sequel of the Power Stone released in 1999.

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    Power Stone 2 is the sequel to Power Stone. It featured three different fighting modes, six new characters along with the cast from the first game, action sequences during stages, many new objects and weapons, and an item shop for buying and crafting new weapons and items.


    “Without warning, a dark cloud fills the sky, and then a huge shadow blankets the entire world, with a roar that shakes the entire planet. Suddenly, a mysterious floating castle appears out of nowhere. In the blink of an eye, the Power Stone heroes are caught, and are transported to the floating castle. What will happen to our heroes?

    "Welcome to the Power Stone world!”

    Game Modes

    One-on-One (1 to 2 Players): Two fighters battle each other in a one-on-one battle.

    Arcade (1 to 4 Players): Human players fight through five stages (three free-for-alls and two boss fights) in this mode. In the free-for-all matches, the two surviving fighters progress to the next stage. On the two boss fights, the two winning fighters from the previous round battle against the boss.

    Original (1 to 4 Players): A custom fight mode where you can select the number of human/computer combatants, rules on time and items, and the stage to fight on.

    Adventure (1 Player): In this mode, the player collects money and item cards as they battle against one computer opponent. The player can use the money and item cards collected in this mode to use in the item shop.

    Item Shop: The player can use money to buy additional weapons and items to use in battle. They can also craft new weapons and items by fuse two item cards together collected in adventure mode. Not all fusions produce a new item. But if a new item is produced from a fusion, that item is now available to be used in battle.


    Secret Stage
    Secret Stage

    The gameplay consists of two-to-four fighters combating simultaneously on a stage from a top-down camera view. The fighters can use numerous items scattered throughout the stage as well as environmental stage traps to gain the upper hand against their opponents. The fight ends when the surviving combatants are determined after combat or once the time limit has been reached.

    Power Stones

    Power Stones are crystals scattered around the stage where it gives a fighter increased attacking power when they are collected. If a fighter manages to collect three Power Stones, the fighter will transform into a more powerful version of themselves where they can unleash powerful attacks that inflict major damage.

    Other Gameplay Elements

    Wall Jump: Fighters have the ability to springboard off the wall to jump higher to reach a higher platform.

    Attack Dodge: Fighters can dodge an opponent's attack if they time the movement the moment the opponent attacks.

    Catch: Fighters can catch an oncoming item thrown at them if they can correctly time when the item arrives to them.

    Revive: Fighters can revive fallen fighters during battle. The fighter who is reviving the fallen fighter will expend some of their health over to the fallen fighter.

    Playable Characters

    The fourteen playable fighters of Power Stone 2.
    The fourteen playable fighters of Power Stone 2.

    Accel - Vagabond Gunman / Cowboy Fighting Style

    Ayame - Cherry Blossom Dancer / Ninja Fighting Style

    Edward Falcon - Red Whirlwind / Boxing Fighting Style

    Galuda - Proud Eagle / Heavy and Solid Fighting Style

    Gourmand - Evil Chef / Heavy and Solid Fighting Style

    Gunrock - Heavy Tank / Heavy and Solid Fighting Style

    Jack - Mad Clown / Light/Original Fighting Style

    Julia Whitepearl - Secret Grace / Light/Simple Fighting Style

    Pete - Inventory Toy / Living Toy Fighting Style

    Rouge - Scorching Beauty / Burning/Light Fighting Style

    Ryoma - Master Swordsman / Samurai Fighting Style

    Wang-Tang - Agile Dragon - Martial Artist Fighting Style

    Unlockable & Playable Characters:

    Mel – Light/Woman Fighting Style

    Pride Falcon - Boxing Fighting Style

    Bosses (Unplayable):

    Julia battles against the final boss Dr. Erode.
    Julia battles against the final boss Dr. Erode.

    Pharaoh Walker - Walking Fortress / Mid-Boss in Arcade Mode

    Dr. Erode - Corrupt Emperor / Final Boss in Arcade Mode

    Playable Stages

    The five main stages of Power Stone 2 play out with an action sequence occurring minutes into battle. These action sequences forces all fighters to move with the action sequence while battling against the other combatants. Once the action sequence is complete, the battle continues at a final stationary area until the battle ends.

    Blue Sky: A stage that starts the combatants fighting on an airplane. The airplane breaks down and the combatants battle in the air until they land on a batch of land to finish the battle.

    Fighters chased by a giant rolling rock in Tomb stage.
    Fighters chased by a giant rolling rock in Tomb stage.

    Dark Castle: A stage fought on the outer grounds first then eventually moves to a room inside the castle.

    Tomb: A stage fought in an underground cavernous environment. An Indiana Jones inspired rock chasing after the combatants occurs midway during battle.

    Iceberg: A stage fought in the oceans with submarines submerging and emerging in and out of the ocean until the combatants eventually reach onto an iceberg to finish the battle.

    Space Station: A stage fought on a moving elevator platform where each floor presents a unique layout for the fighters to fight on.

    Unlockable Stages

    Unlike the five main stages, the unlockable stages do not have any action sequences occur during battle. The battle is fought within the stage presented.

    Battle fought in Desert stage.
    Battle fought in Desert stage.

    Desert: A stage fought in a desert. It's the same stage from the arcade mode where the players battle the mid-boss Pharaoh Walker.

    Extra Stage 1: A stage fought inside Mel's Item Shop.

    Extra Stage 2: A stage fought on narrow catwalk along with two metal beams placed in between two skyscrapers.

    Extra Stage 3: A stage fought on a unique airborne platform hovering over an ocean.


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