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You are a fighter pilot in Italy who wishes to get rid of the pirates taking over the skies. In this alternate 1930 universe, you are given a bounty for a dangerous pirate and you must shoot down enemies, avoid being shot down yourself and take down your target. Below is a quote of what the back of the box said to introduce the game:

A lone pilot puts on his flight gear and gets ready. His life has been leading up to this moment — he knows that the time has come to take on the air pirates' sky forces! The battle has begun. Are you ready to help in the fight to free the skies from the clutches of the air pirates?


The game starts off by asking you to pick a weapon for your ship which includes:
  • Type 0 = Shell Up - A rapid fire of bullets go up in an upward path only
  • Type 1 = Shotgun - One set of bullets shoot forward but four other bigger bullets spread upward hitting a larger amount of enemies
  • Type 2 = Missile - One set of bullets shoot forward while four missiles (total) from either side of you shoot out and seek out targets
  • Type 3 = Burner - One set of bullets  shoot forward, two sticks of fire are being shot from on either side of you while a third one is shot from the nose of your ship (probably the best gun)
  • Type 4 = Absorption - One set of bullets shoot forward while four glowing balls are shot from your ship seeking out enemies to kill (four at a time are shot)
  • Type 5 = Destroyer - One set of bullets shoot forward while 6 missiles (2 from the left and right and 2 from the center) are shot straight out (not seeking)
  • Type 6 = Napalm -  One set of bullets shoot forward and two grenade like shells explode spinning two glowing balls around growing in the process

After you select your weapon of choice, you go through stages to take on sky pirates and the bounties on their heads. Your main objective is to survive so you can take on the boss of that stage while you shoot down enemies. You can fly around the map if you wish using the D-pad. The only other button you will be pushing down is the fire button (B) while moving around to shoot down your enemies. While shooting them down, you gain points, ship power-ups or weapon power-ups  (coin like items drop from the sky with a P on them) to help you get the high score and advance your ship.

Numbers can be floating down during the game which will help you change your weapon during the game. If you pick a weapon type you don't like, you can press the (A) button to switch to a weapon type you like. Collect the coins with the 'P' on them to help power-up your weapon. If you power-up your weapon enough, you will be able to cover more ground or just have a better chance in winning the stage. If you die, you will start off with a new ship and the weapon selected from the beginning of the game. You will have to start over on powering-up your weapon to take advantage of its full potential.

There are different types of enemies that you will need to destroy from fliers, ground cannons and floating balloon like ships. Each enemy killed increases your score but they might also drop power-ups (ship or weapon types) for you to use while in battle.

There are 8 stages to complete  to beat the game.

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