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Not much is known about this game except for what was said in its official press release.
Gameplay of PowerUp Forever
Gameplay of PowerUp Forever

"Destroying elite enemies allows you to absorb their energy, transforming your ship’s size, shape and power. As your ship evolves and grows your world and its enemies shrink to insignificance, revealing even more massive and powerful enemies that were previously too large to see."


  • Procedurally Generated Environments – Never experience the same game twice as all of the enemy types and locations are procedurally generated
  • Innovative Growth Mechanic – Adds a unique twist to the shooter genre and offers fun, exciting gameplay
  • Power Up your weapons – Power up cool new weapons, such as lasers, shields and bombs, that boost your arsenal as you evolve
  • High Definition Graphics – True next-gen graphical effects and an exciting abstract art-style provide eye-popping visuals
  • Multiple modes of play
    • Survival Mode – Survive relentless waves of non-stop enemies
    • Guardian Rush Mode – Defeat a series of guardians in the shortest length of time
    • Defender – How long can you survive only using a shield?
    • Overkill Mode – Unlimited weapons

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