Poy Poy 2

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 09, 1998

    Poy Poy 2 is the European and Japanese-only sequel to Poy Poy. Up to four players can compete against each other at a time in an arena with a variety of weapons and powers.

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    Players compete in tournaments, first choosing a character and equipping magic gloves. Players then fight against AI or each other in arenas by using their glove powers, as well as throwing various items scattered about the stages. Many levels have unique features; the moon level for instance is low gravity. Score is tallied at the end by direct hits, luck bonus, and round score. 
    Note: Does not run on PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 consoles.


    • Apache
    • Arnold
    • Bubba
    • Bull
    • Cutey
    • D.D
    • Deco
    • Harry
    • Joey
    • Kage
    • Kool
    • Poison
    • Sanpey
    • Shane
    • Ten Ten
    • Yamada

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