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The Walther make of gun has been James Bond's favourite firearm ever since his beretta jammed on him and he was ordered by his superior, M, to carry a Walther (depending on which chronology you follow, this either happened in the film adaptation of Dr No or in the original book, Casino Royale).
Although Bond portrays himself as a grown-up manchild and enjoys little more than blowing things up at any opportunity with any form of weapon he can get his hands on, the Walther will always be the go-to gun, be it the PPK, the P99 (introduced in the film Tomorrow Never Dies) or this counterpart: The Walther PP7, actually a fictious weapon used only for the video game adventures James Bond is involved with. In Goldeneye 007, there are 2 alternate forms of the PP7 (sans the silenced PP7), the gold and silver PP7, which behave like 1-shot and 2-shot kills respectively.
Ironically, the Walther PP brand of weapons were heavily favoured by the Nazi's in the Second World War but today are manufactured in Switzerland by major arms producers Smith and Wesson, who are based in the United States of America.

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