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The PPS-42 is a Soviet SMG designed to be easy and cheap to assemble.  These weapons were to be made with as little resources as possible while still being able to maintain usability in combat.  The PPS-42 is an early version of the PPS-43 and was not heavily produced. The PPS-43 is a slightly improved version of the PPS-42 and it saw much higher production rates and use in combat.  Other countries (mostly European) have made variants of this weapon.  There are still parts kits available on many shooting and sporting goods websites that allow civilians to build semi-automatic versions of these weapons. 
The PPS series of SMG featured vast improvements over the earlier PPSh-41.  The 35 round curved stick magazines used in the PPS series were more reliable than the drum magazines that the PPSh-41 could use.  Also, a folding stock was used instead of the fixed wooden stock of the PPSh-41.  The weapon was easier, cheaper, and quicker to produce than the PPSh-41.  Similar to the PPSh-41, the PPS series was not select fire, having only full auto and safe selectors.
7,62x25 mm TT
Weight: 3,67 kg loaded, 3,04 kg empty
Length (stock closed/open): 615 / 831 mm
Barrel length: 250 mm
Rate of fire: 500-600 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 35 rounds
Effective range: 200 meters 

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