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    President Kimball

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    President Aaron Kimball is the President of the NCR. In Fallout: New Vegas, he delivers a speech right before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

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    Aaron Kimball won the presidential elections due to his impressive efforts during the first Battle of Hoover Dam.


    Before Aaron Kimball was president, he was an decorated war general during the early days of expanding in the Mojave Wasteland. Due to his harshness against the Mojave tribes, it gave him praise and fame which helped him lead to him conquering the presidential election. He is the commander-in-chief of the NCR.

    Quest Overview

    During either one of the quest: You'll Know It When It Happens, The House Always Wins VI, Wild Card: Finishing Touches, or Arizona Killer; the courier must either protect or assassinate President Kimball that delivers a speech to boost the moral of the troopers at Hoover Dam and awarded NCR private first class Jeremy Watson the Star of Sierra Madre. A awarded given for exceptional bravery. If the Courier is aligned with Caesar's Legion, they are tasked with assassinating him. If the Courier is either aligned with the NCR or Mr.House, they are told to watch out for threats, which eventually means stopping the assassin before they kill him. If the courier is going through the independent faction story-track, the quest where you save the president can only be done if the courier has good reputation with the NCR.

    Ways to Assassinate President Kimball

    If sided with Caesar's Legion, the courier must assassinate President Kimball, the courier has multiply ways

    • Reprogram the anti-aircraft gun to shoot down the vertibird (Science of 50 needed)
    • Reprogram the computer terminal within the visitor center and when the vertibird lands, it will lost control and crash. (Science of 50 needed)
    • Sabotage the anti-aircraft gun so it can be rigged to exploded when President Kimball calls up Private First Class Jeremy Watson so he can receive his reward. (Repair of 50 needed)
    • Can kill President Kimball with a sniper rifle from numerous locations, the most notable are on top of an observation deck (must silently kill the guard up there first) or from a rocky ridge. (A high level of Sneak is required both to stay undetected and escape after the assassination is complete.)
    • You can plant C-4 on any of the NCR soldiers close to President Kimball onstage by pick-pocketing them and placing C-4 on them. When President Kimball is delivering his speech, simply detonate it to kill him. ( High level of Sneak and Explosive is needed to make this an efficient method.)
    • Jeremy Watson, the soldier that is being awarded by the president, has lost his helmet. If courier finds it, he/she can plant a single brick of C-4 within it and comeback to Jeremy telling him where to recover it. When Jeremy returns to the audience, he'll be wearing the helmet. From there the courier must wait til the President calls up Jeremy to the stage and then can detonate the C-4 charge when Jeremy turns to receive his awarded. (Explosives skill of 50 needed)
    • The Courier can create a trail of C-4 explosives of President Kimball's walking route before he arrives. The courier should detonate the explosives when the President is approaching the stage. (High skill of Sneak and Explosive needed to make this efficient)
    • Can plant a bomb on the President's vertibird, which will rig to explode once the vertibird leaves the helipad after the President's speech. The courier can acquire the explosives necessary for this task from Cato. The courier will either need to sneak by Jensen or speech check him to allow you to take a look at the vertibird and plant the explosives. An alternate method is to acquire an NCR engineer outfit to wear to avoid both the speech check and the sneaking, but you do need have at least an Neutral Reputation with the NCR so you won't be detected. The outfit can be found inside the visitor center. When the explosives are planted, it will explode when the chopper flys off after the President's speech.
    • Though highly not recommend, the courier can go in guns blazing, but it will most likely result in death since their at least 20+ armed NCR troopers in the President's Area and more in the neighboring areas.
    • If the courier destroys the vertibird while President Kimball is still delivering his speech, the President will run away to a local safe room where the courier still has a chance to kill him.

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