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    Press X to Not Die

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Aug 30, 2015

    An indie FMV adventure game.

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    Press X to Not Die is an FMV adventure game developed and published by All Seeing Eye Games. The game was originally released on the Xbox Live Indie Games store, but later went through the Steam Greenlight process for PC, Mac, and Linux.


    Press X to Not Die is an adventure game that has players watch FMV scenes. There are quick time events that have the player hit a certain button or multiple buttons in order to not die. There also dialog choices that will come up that has players choosing what to say to other characters.

    The game contains multiple difficulty levels and a 1994 mode. The 1994 mode gives the game a filter to make it more low quality looking, as if to look like FMV games in the 90s.


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