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    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1995

    An arcade brawler based on the first season of the show. Unlike most Sailor Moon games this one had an official international release.

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    Up to two players can play as any of the Inner Senshi as they defeat the Dark Kingdom yet again. Each Senshi has several physical attacks, including a dashing punch, jump kick, and whirlwind attack, and can attack every enemy on screen with a limited use special move.


    Stage 1

    Stage 1 takes place in the suburbs of Tokyo. The bosses are Castor and Pollox.

    Stage 2

    Stage 2 takes place in the Ginza district. It ends with a boss fight against Morga in OSA-P.

    Stage 3

    Stage 3 takes place in a back alley and junkyard. It ends with a boss fight against Kyulene that starts in the junkyard, and ends with the Senshi chasing Kyulene to the top of the Tokyo Tower.

    Stage 4

    Stage 4 takes place in a school that mysteriously contains students floating in tubes. The stage ends with a fight against Garoben in the computer lab.

    Stage 5

    Stage 5 takes place at the docks, and bizarrely has human criminals in skimasks as regular enemies. The boss is Zoicite.

    Stage 6

    Stage 6 takes place in Nephrite's mansion and surrounding forest. The bosses are two Kyulene.

    Stage 7

    Stage 7 is a multi-stage boss fight against Rett Butler. It starts with Rett smashing up the Crown Arcade. After taking a few hits he flees to the streets and into a pharmacy. He flees again and is joined by Bakane on the streets. After being defeated here he transforms back into a cat.

    Final Stage

    The Final Stage is set in D Point in Antarctica. Halfway through the level there is a boss fight against Zoicite and Kunzite at the same time. After journeying further into the caves there is a final boss fight against Queen Beryl. There is no ending sequence.


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