Retailers Accepting Preorders?

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#1 Posted by HolyHackZack (139 posts) -

Was doing some research to see what happened to this game to find out it is in limbo with no current known plans of being released. What I also found mixed in with these stories are retailers gladly accepting preorders to those that don't know any better. How is this legal?

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#2 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Who is accepting?

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#3 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

the money from a preorder can usually be transferred to another game or preorder at your discretion should you choose to cancel the original one, though its hard for me to determine what the retailers policy is when you dont mention one by name.

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#4 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

If by "retailers" you mean "Gamestop", some stores will accept money for pre-order on anything. You could go in and get your copy of Half-Life 3 reserved today if you wanted too.

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#5 Posted by HolyHackZack (139 posts) -

Just typing 'Prey 2' in Google brings up sponsored preorder offers from Wal Mart, Target, J&R and, more beyond that if you actually click on the link.

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#6 Posted by Ghost_Cat (2045 posts) -

Man I have been waiting on some sort of news for Prey 2. Still think it can potential be very awesome.

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