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Prey 0

Those of you who followed the first person shooter genre back in 1998 probably vaguely remember a game called Prey that was in development at 3D Realms. The game featured a Native American theme and a unique portal technology that allows enemies to appear out of thin air among other things. Then the game suddenly disappeared for years only to recently resurface. This new game, developed by Human Head Studios, features many of the original ideas from 1998 as well as a state-of-the-art graphics en...

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Exhausts All Of Its Ideas Upfront 0

Prey is an interesting game. It's one of the last mainstream FPSes to be made for PC with consoles as an afterthought. It's a 3D Realms game that took over a decade to make, but when it was released wasn't a complete trainwreck. It's a game that was one of the biggest releases of the year when it came out, but is now forgotten and obscure. While it's not exactly rare, it's a hard to get game for something that came out in 2006. It was de-listed from Steam when their serial generator ran out of ...

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A flawed game with unique ideas and some fun to be had 0

I have been anticipating Prey ever since it was first shown in it's new form a couple E3's ago. The demo was released a couple weeks before the game came out, and it just solidified my hype. Then the sad truth came out. The game is not as amazing as we all thought. First off it's probably nice to talk about the good. Well the technology that has always been associated with the game works perfect. Portals, weird gravity etc all show up as promised. Without them the game would be very mediocre. A...

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Prey offers interesting ideas, but doesn't fully execute on them. 0

  Although I found Prey to feel a little dated having come out a little more then 3 years ago, I still enjoyed my recent playthrough of this diamond in the ruff of bargain bins. When this game was new, it recieved praise from critics for throwing a lot of unique gameplay elements at gamers and boasting some pretty interesting and detailed graphics and enviroments. While Prey does offer some interesting settings and cool gameplay mechanics, it fails to truly realize the full potential of what the...

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Once, just once I wish we would be visited by nice, happy aliens! 0

How important is innovation to you? Does it really matter? If you play a game, and it's tons of fun, but you've played it in some form a bunch of times before, is the game worse because of it? Now, opposite question: Say a game is completely original, has a bunch of things that's never been done before, but it's not all that fun. Do you give it the benefit of the doubt for trying something new or trash it for not being very enertaining? In my eyes, I see innovation as a great bonus. If a game is...

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Prey 0

Prey did portals before Portal.  It didn't do them as well, but it's still a very creative, enjoyable shooter.  Earlier this year, it was offered on Steam for the cheap price of five bucks, and I couldn't pass that up.  It's not a great game, but it's fun, and easily worth that price at least.  There aren't that many weapons in the game, but all the firearms are pretty interesting visually, being made of either advanced technology or small aliens, and have multiple uses.  Most enemies are pretty...

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A superb, mindbending shooter. 0

A very underrrated shooter that I pretty much spent a whole summer playing, getting 1000/1000 achievementpoints, playing countless hours of multiplayer and replaying the campaign twice in a row. Prey was in development for like a decade and it came out being something completely different than originally intended but still awesome. Its an extremely oldschool shooter in the Duke, Quake, Doom vein and that is probably what gets me so excited. It uses the Doom 3 engine wich makes it look fantastic ...

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Prey is fun, but comes out feeling average at best 0

  2K Games' hand is very recognizable in Prey. If you can imagine a Rapture-like atmosphere coupled with decidedly Doom-like gameplay, you have a pretty good idea of Prey is. However, the game is brought down by shooting action that lacks a punch, and levels that aren't always fun.    Tommy is not prepared for what is to come Prey puts you in the head of a troubled Cherokee called Tommy. He lives with his grandfather and girlfriend in a reservation. Tommy doesn't really like it there, so...

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Fantastic, in It's Time 0

Taking place in an alien  Dyson sphere of sorts, Prey brought some truly novel ideas after extensive development that, while groundbreaking in their time, have tempered as time has passed.Already has it been forgotten that it was Prey and not Portal that perfected the portal technology in gaming.  Coupled with Ratchet and Clank-esque magnetic walks up walls and ceilings and gravity shifting devices, this game attacks your sense of perspective rather successfully.  Perhaps the environment does no...

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Lackluster, pathetic attempt at a Doom-ish FPS 2

Story: You star as Tommy, a Native American without any regard for his heritage, who was abducted by aliens. Unfortunately this never is truly elaborated upon. He only cares about saving his girlfriend and the dialogue gets to the point that if you hear one more whiny comment from him, you will reach the screen and choke him. Story is pretty bad considering who wrote it. Graphics: Straight Doom/Quake 4 carbon copy. Truly uninspiring Gameplay: It's a run of the mill FPS and it even fails to ac...

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A nice platformer for the 360, but is not the next killer app. 0

Although this game is fun and challenging, I would say its nothing to be amazed over. It has some good visuals only thing I do not like is the anti-aliasing is bogged down due to framerate issues so thats the only graphic issue i would say makes the graphics worse then what they could be on the 360. The gameplay is fun since theres so many different things you can do like, walking up the gravitational walkways, spirit walking, how you die and come back, and the portals. This game offers two dif...

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hold you over for the summer 0

First let me start off by saying that this review will not completely bash this game in anyway or will I completely undermine the fact that it had short comings. In all honesty this review at times will sound like Game spot’s review except I actually liked the game. Now let’s get to talking about this seven hour trip. Prey is one of the few games next to Half-Life 2 that I think has a very well thought out story. Basically you’re Tommy and you don’t really like the fact that you are Cherokee an...

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