There's now DLC...for the DLC

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Looks like they just announced Typhon Hunter, a free add-on for people who have Mooncrash:

I never did much with Mooncrash but it's impressive that they're still supporting this game!

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A cool idea for sure. I cant imagine it'll last long in my region but I am so happy they havent abandoned this game like I thought it had been.

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I loved Prey almost as much as Dishonored but never bought the Mooncrash DLC cause I just don't think it was what I was looking for. More slow paced story content that I can chew on would be awesome, with maybe some weird new part of the station or if it happened on a smaller ship. The weird sort of run-based nature of Mooncrash where it's meant to be replayed multiple times is not really my jam.

Also big shoutout to @rorie for staying on top of all these news stories in the forums lately. It's awesome to see!

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Prey was in my top 3 the year it came out. It really felt like a Deus Ex game, so much so that trying to go back and play most recent actual Deus Ex game was difficult. I hope this support means they want to continue the franchise. I’ll likely get the DLC just to support them.

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#5 Posted by SethMode (2039 posts) -

I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought that here might be best: the Mooncrash DLC is too fucking good. Sure, it gives me an anxiety attack almost every time I play it, but it's so well designed it basically makes up for it. The way that they weave the story into the whole thing as well is just brilliant.

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Now, if they’d just do some Boyd Crowder DLC. Maybe have him dig coal with the protagonist. Bam. Printing money for you, Bethesda.

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