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Primal Carnage is a class-based online multiplayer shooter for the PC developed by Lukewarm Media. Players get to choose one of five different classes for either dinosaurs or humans in both competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes. Human players view the game from a first person perspective, while dinosaurs play from a third person perspective. The game employs a rock-paper-scissors scheme as parts of its balancing efforts so that classes on both sides are weak to ones on the opposing team.


In Primal Carnage, you play either on the side of the humans or the side of the Dinosaurs. Each side features 5 different classes, each with a unique style of play.

Human Classes

The Scientist

An expert at long ranged combat, but may get in to trouble once danger comes closer. Her used weapons are: A Sniper Rifle featuring two levels of zoom and a high damage rate. A dart gun, a shot from this dart gun makes dinosaurs drowsy and sluggish making them an easy target, smaller dinosaurs can be killed by overdose. Castle Prod, the Castle Prod can be used to Jolt attacking dinosaurs draining their stamina.

The Commando

Your typical assault class, equipped with a grenade launcher, he is sure to wreck some dinosaurs. His weapons are: His assault rifle which has a high rate of fire but suffers severe kickback when firing for an extended period of time, his grenade launcher has the ability to blow dinosaurs to tiny bits and pieces, but is limited in ammo and the ability to melee with his assault rifle which gives the commando the opportunity to finish his enemies off.

The Pathfinder

With his Shotgun is an expert at close range combat and he can blind dinosaurs using his flares. His weapons are, His shotgun a weapon excellent at close to mid-range, his flares which blind dinosaurs and his machete which he uses to slash at this enemies.

The Trapper

The Trapper is equipped with a unique net-gun, which he can use to capture enemies and finish them off. The weapons of his choice are, his netgun which immobiles and hinders dinosaurs, capturing smaller dinosaurs in his net enables him to finish them off with his knife. The dual pistols, while not as high damage as some other weapons they can be used to dispatch of a dinosaur pretty quickly. Finally his hunting knife can be used to finish off netted enemies or slash at foes.

The Pyromaniac

The Pyromaniac is equipped with the flame-saw, a burning chainsaw, he also uses explosives. The weapons he chooses to use are: A Flamethrower, a chainsaw and his grenades.

Dinosaurs Classes


A true monster, weighing in at 10 tons, and with a length of up to 60 feet, this enemy is the largest in the game. The Tyrannosaurus has access to to three Abilities: Bite, which is his basic attack, Trample stomping the enemy beneath his feet and Roar which gives a adrenalin boost to all nearby Dinosaurs.


What the novaraptor loses in height and weight compared to his larger brothers he gains in agility and stealth, the novaraptor has access to three abilities: Bite and Slash, a basic attack, Pounce, the novaraptor leaps at his foes from a distance almost instantly killing them, Frenzy, a frenzied novaraptor sacrifices speed for all out attacking power.


The smallest of all the dinosaurs, however with it's fenom It's a real threat. The three abilities of the Dilophosaurus are, Bite, The Dilophosaurus bites his enemies and poisons them, Spit, The Dilophosaurus spits venom either in a concentrated ball for long range or spread out for short range, those who are hit are temporary blinded and take damage. Roar, the Dilophosaurus roars, which temporarily increases the range of his spitting ability.


The Pteranodon rule the sky in Primal Carnage, they are the only unit in the game with the ability to fly, their three abilities are: Peck, the Pteranodon's basic attack, Grab, the Pteranodon can grab foes from the ground and drop them to their deaths, screech, the screech abilities marks an enemy for all other dinosaurs to see.


The Carnotaurus charges at his enemies like a raging bull, his abilities are: Charge, the Carnotaurus runs at full speed head forward, destroying everyone in his path, Head Swing, The Carnotaurus uses all his strength to swing his head around, sending people flying, ravenous roar, the Carnotaurus sacrifices, the raw damage of his charge attack for the ability to regenerate his strength.


Currently only found in the Get to the Chopper game mode, Spinosaurus replaces the Tyrannosaurus as the tank class. The main differences include a different hitbox, a longer reach, more health, and a secondary attack consisting of using the Spinosaur's long arms to lash out at human players. Fortunately, Spinosaurus can only be played near the end of the objective.

Game modes

The game launched with Team Deathmatch, which the human and dinosaur players are pitted against each other in 5 maps, which lasts until either the time runs out, or if one team manages to obtain the most kills. A second game mode, Get to the Chopper, was launched as beta on January 18th 2013. In this mode, the human team has been tasked with contacting a helicopter in order to escape the map, while the Dinosaurs have been assigned to stop them. In this case, holding them back long enough for the time to run out. GttC also introduces Spinosaurus as a playable dinosaur.


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