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    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Mar 25, 2003

    Jennifer Tate enters a dark world of magic and demons as she journeys to find her boyfriend. Her companion on this journey is a noble-sounding gargoyle named Scree. Along the way, Jennifer undergoes a myriad of physical and emotional transformations as she ventures from one world to the next.

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    Civilization is only skin deep.


    Primal is an action-adventure game developed for the PlayStation 2 by SCEE Cambridge, the development team responsible for MediEvil and its sequel.


    In this game you can control either Jen or Scree and you can switch between the two of them at any time. Each of them have their own unique powers and when controlling one the other will be controlled by AI. The game itself is a combination of melee combat using Jen's demon forms, and solving puzzles, mostly using Scree's powers such as hardening into a statue or climbing on walls to solve them. Scree also is incapable of suffering any damage, which makes him ideal for scouting ahead rather than just charging into a new area.

    Jen has four demon forms that each have their own abilities, and she can stay in them for as long as she wants, however in these forms she can only regain health by using Scree's energy reserves to replenish her (this energy comes from fallen foes and Scree cannot move while healing her). However, in human form Jen's life will replenish itself slowly.


    Main Characters


    Jennifer Tate, she prefers to be called Jen.
    Jennifer Tate, she prefers to be called Jen.

    Jennifer Tate is the strong willed and headstrong protagonist of the game. She grew up in foster homes and now works as a waitress so that she can pay her way through college. She has a tattoo on her back that her boyfriend designed which is meant to be a symbol of protection. It is the same symbol she sees throughout the realm of Oblivion, and it glows when she is in her demon forms.

    After coming into contact with a Ferai her braces activate and she is told by Scree that she is Arella's champion, and she is part demon. She was taken into Oblivion when she was a baby and has the ability to channel each of the demon forms of Oblivion.


    Jen's boyfriend who is abducted at the beginning of the game. He seems to know a lot about magic and is also a lead singer for a rock band. He and Jen live together and apparently constantly have money problems.


    Jen and Scree
    Jen and Scree

    The gargoyle who wakes Jen up from her coma and helps her through the game. He speaks with a very matured and wise tone to contrast his short beastly appearance. He also serves as the second playable character in the game.


    Part of a machine known as the Oracle, his job is to maintain a balance of power between the forces of Order and Chaos.


    The embodiment of Order. Scree describes her as being "all that is good and pure. She is strength and virtue. She is righteousness, she is nobility."


    The embodiment of Chaos. Scree describes him as being "Lord of Corruption and Decay." He is Arella's eternal foe as the two of them are the two forces that control the universe.


    After having her boyfriend, Lewis, attacked and abducted by a demon, Jen is left unconscious and falls into a coma. A gargoyle named Scree appears, wakes Jen from her coma and convinces her to follow him into an alternate world, Oblivion, that is populated by demons. Once arriving in this world Scree gives her a pair of "Vamp Braces" which Jen comments feel like they were made for her. They are arm braces that will help her in her quest which is to save both worlds, the real and the alternate, and get her boyfriend back. Traversing the demon filled planes uncovers the story of this alternate reality, and the story between Jen and her boyfriend. Jen also discovers her supernatural powers and her ability to take on demon forms.


    Primal has 4 different realms in which Jen has to travel through as she is trying to save her boyfriend Lewis. Each of the realms is affiliated with either Arella goddess of Order or Abaddon Lord of Chaos. Each of the realms also have their own symbols, symbols which when combined form the tattoo on Jen's back, showing her connection to these realms and her destiny.


    This is the "real world" where Jen and Lewis live.


    When all four realms are talked about together, it is called Oblivion.


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    A cold and harsh world of eternal night and winter. It is very similar to ancient Rome. The Ferai live in this realm. The Ferai are a good tempered race lead by King Herne. They are allied with Arella.


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    Aquis is located under a poisonous endless ocean. This world is full of giant sea monsters, but the telepathic Undine also live here, capable of surviving in the water due to the advanced purification machines they have created. They are also allied with Arella


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    Tall, jagged and cloud cover mountains are the realm on Aetha. The vampire-like Wraith live in Aetha, and have created an aristocratic society where they reside at the top of the social food chain and force the peasants to live in poverty. They have sided with Abaddon.


    The rocky desert of Volca is the final realm. The Djinn are the wired inhabitants of Volca. With their bodies built from living metal and their spirits being linked to the volcanoes the Djinn and calm when the volcanoes are dormant but when the volcanoes start to act up the Djinn become very powerful. They are Abaddon's most Loyal supporters.


    The gateway that connects all the realms. It is also a machine that maintains the balance between good and evil, order and chaos. It is guarded by Chronos.


    Jen has four different demon forms throughout the game, each of which has their own looks and their own powers, with upsides and down.


    Jen's Ferai Form
    Jen's Ferai Form

    This is the first form gained by Jen. It grants increased stamina, strength, agility, and focuses on melee punches and kicks for close range combat, as well as claw-like energy weapons. This form also increases Jen's running speed and the height of her jumps, allowing her to better traverse the world. Jen takes on the look of the Ferai people in this form, a race of fierce hunters who are strong and resourceful.


    Jen's Undine Form
    Jen's Undine Form

    This is the second for that Jen gains. If used above water, the Undine form will reduce Jen's demonic health to one, where she can be killed in a single strike. But if this form is used under water it replenishes Jen's health, and she gains energy tentacles that strike enemies from a distance. This is the only form which regenerates instantly, as a majority of the realm's journey is spent underwater, and Scree is unavailable. The Undine form also offers instant telepathy to Jen, allowing her to interact with Scree instantly.


    Jen's Wraith Form
    Jen's Wraith Form

    The third form obtained by Jen, the Wraith form, offers melee combat from a distance, using an energy whip and main-gauche to inflict damage on the vampiric Wraith. While in this form Jen can also use the Time-Shift ability, which allows her to briefly stop time, and slip past enemies if combat is not desired.


    Jen's Djinn Form
    Jen's Djinn Form

    This is the final form obtained by Jen. The Djinn form gives Jen immense power with two energy blades, that can be combined to create one single blade of even greater power.


    The Industrial-Rock group 16Volt make cameos during the game's opening as a band playing at the club Jennifer works, and also provided the instrumental music for a lot of the battle themes across the game. Some of the tracks were included in the Limited Edition, and the entire track-list was eventually made available via an Official Soundtrack release.


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