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Though the order in which you fight the bosses in Karazhan can be different, Prince Malchezaar is commonly thought of as the last boss of the first 10-man dungeon in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.  
Prince Malchezaar is an Eredar member of the Burning Legion, ultimately a giant group of infernals, pit lords, felguards, Nathrezim and other assorted demons that seek ultimate destruction on the entire universe. 


The most important part of the Prince Malchezaar boss fight is the infernals. These infernals will fall from the sky every 45 or 15 seconds, depending on how far into the fight you are, and will land somewhere on the balcony of the Tower and will move at all but will do a area of affect (AoE) attack that is usually an instant death to most players, especially if they're inflicted with Malchezaar's "Enfeeble" attack which reduced 5 of the 10 players to 1 health point. Prince Malchezaar shouts either "You not face Malchezaar alone, but the legions I command!" or "All realites, all dimensions are open to me!" before he is about to call down an infernal from the sky. These infernals raised a little bit of controversy among WoW players, namely because they made Prince Malchezaar based on luck. If an infernal landed where all of the raid members are, you basically could not win. But if you got lucky and an infernal never landed near your group, you would be successful. 



Tier 4  

 Some bosses in Karazhan drop a certain part of the 5 piece tier 4 (T4) set for each class. Malchazaar drops the helmet piece of the tier 4 set.   
He drops the following helmet pieces: 
  • Helmet of the Fallen Champion (For Paladins, Rogues, and Shamans)
  • Helmet of the Fallen Defender (For Warrior, Priest, and Druids)
  • Helmet of the Fallen Hero (For Hunters, Mages, and Warlocks)



Malchezaar also drops a weapon for almost every class, which were all the best weapons at the original launch of WoW: TBC. 
These weapons are: 
  • Gorehowl (Axe for a melee class)
  • Light's Justice (Mace for a healing class)
  • Malchazeen (Dagger for a rogue)
  • Natherzim Mindblade (Dagger for a spellcasting class)
  • Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix (Bow for a hunter) 
  • The Decapitator (One-handed axe for a duel-wielding melee class)    

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