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    Prince of Persia

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Dec 02, 2008

    A 2008 entry into the Prince of Persia franchise titled simply "Prince of Persia", this game stars an all-new Prince as he teams up with the mysterious Elika to fight Ahriman and cleanse the world of his corruption.

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    Video Review: A Great Revival

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    Video review of Prince of Persia 2008. It's pretty great. I enjoyed that it was a new slate. At first I thought he name was Kate. So I decided to debate. Whether I should integrate. A video where i masturbate. But I decided to just do this instead. Yeah this game is good.

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      This game has many intangibles that make it special. 0

      Prince of Persia : …you know how it’s become trendy in Hollywood to “reboot” franchises, throw away all the backstory from the previous (and usually bad) sequels and start fresh? Batman did it, James Bond did it, Star Trek is going to do it, The Incredible Hulk did it after only one bad movie, and now we have a video game in Prince of Persia, which ignores the Sands of Time trilogy or all of the quick death traps of the original game and starts anew. Oh, it’s an action platformer by the way.Stor...

      5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

      Flaws are to be overlooked in order to enjoy Prince of Persia 0

      With Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jordan Mechner's highly successful and revolutionary game series was reborn, and people liked it. Even if the stylistic changes in the sequel were not appreciated by everyone, the Sands of Time trilogy was still a resounding success. With this new Prince of Persia, the series receives its second reboot in a very short period of time, which is signified by its lack of a subtitle. The game has one big thing in common with its predecessors: the focus on ext...

      5 out of 6 found this review helpful.

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