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?Firstborn son of King Adelbern and heir to the throne of Ascalon, Prince Rurik is a brave, bold man who often takes action on the spur of the moment. He leads by example, never cowering or shirking a challenge. Some say he has no fear. Others claim his brash bravery is merely reckless. Regardless, the prince is liked by almost everyone in Ascalon, and he spends much of his time among the citizens, preferring the company of commoners to that of Ascalon’s rich upper crust.

As a boy, Prince Rurik trained at the Ascalon Academy and did a stint as an officer in the army. Today, he maintains a fighting force of his own, known as the Ascalon Vanguard. These soldiers are completely independent of the king’s financing and influence. Rurik's father, King Adelbern, takes a certain amount of offense to this, though he keeps it to himself and his closest advisors. Though the prince is loyal to his father, he doesn’t always agree with the man’s methods or ideology."

— The Guild Wars Manuscripts


 During Battle:
  • "Are you as ugly on the inside?"
  • "Back to the Rift with you, hellion!"
  • "Does that hurt, beast? Good!"
  • "Don't mess with Ascalon!"
  • "Fear is for the weak!"
  • "For Ascalon!"
  • "I am Rurik, Crown Prince of Ascalon, and you are about to die!"
Along with many others.

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