Princess Waltz

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 28, 2006

    Engage in battle with several princess' to unite a kingdom in this card battling Japanese visual novel.

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    Princess Waltz is a Japanese visual novel game developed by Pulltop and is distributed in English by JAST USA/Peach Princess. The game is a visual novel which contains card based battle sections throughout the story.


    Fight for the prince!
    Fight for the prince!

    The story for the game revolves around Arata Fukamori and his unlikely involvement in an ancient combat ritual know as the princess waltz. The waltz itself is a fight between princess' for the right to become the wife to the prince of Seven Central.


    Gameplay in Princess Waltz is predominantly a visual novel, with various card based battle encounters. The dialogue is fully voiced with the exception of the protagonist Arata which is the character the player views most of the story through.

    Battle System

    The battle system in Princess Waltz is a turn based card game that consists of one round or more with an initiative phase and an attack/defend phase. Each player has a set of five cards that are randomly numbered and either red, blue or green.The higher the number is on a card, the more powerful it is, with the colors acting as a rock, paper, scissors system that grants bonus' on the overall power of a set of cards.

    The Red, Green, Blue colors advantages can be seen below.

    Red advantage over Blue

    Use cards to ensure victory!
    Use cards to ensure victory!

    Blue advantage over Green

    Green advantage over Red

    In the initiative phase the player and opponent both select numbered and colored cards with the higher scoring participant able to initiate an attack phase in which the loser must defend.

    Depending on who has won the initiative phase the player must either attack or defend, again both participants select numbered and colored cards, with the highest scoring winning the phase. If the player is attacking and wins the phase they inflict damage, should they lose the opponent defends and the next round is started beginning again with the initiative phase.

    Similarly if the player is defending and wins the attack is negated and the next round starts with the initiative phase.

    These phases are repeated until there is a victor in battle.


    The game offers several unlockable extras that are common for Japanese visual novels.

    • Music Playback
    • CG Gallery
    • Scene Recollections

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