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Prism Court (プリズムコート) is a sports simulation game mixed with a traditional dating sim that was created by the game development division of Fujitsu Ltd., which was called FPS (Fuijitsu PC Systems). The title is about the player coaching a high school girls' volleyball team where love can potentially grow between the protagonist and one of the players. Atsuko Nakajima, an animator famous for her work on Ranma 1/2 and You're Under Arrest, was responsible for the game's character designs and the title was released for the PlayStation on February 19, 1998.


The game stars a former volleyball champ that suffered a grave injuring during a match in college that left him unable to continue the sport. After the incident, the protagonist eventually became a teacher at Asagiri High School where he feels unfulfilled now that he is no longer involved with volleyball. That is until his colleague, Nakanishi, approaches him with the opportunity to coach the school's troubled girls' volleyball team. Comprising of six players, the team has several members that have little experience playing volleyball while the more advanced players are having a hard time gelling with the rest of the team. So it is up to the protagonist to come up with weekly training regiments for each of the girls in order to improve their skills while also helping the team with their personal issues so that they work together better as a team. With any luck they will make it to nationals and become the best high school team in the country.


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  • There is a reference to Prism Court in episode 8 of the anime GAMERS!. During the episode, the main character recommends a fictional bishoujo game to his friend called "Rainbow Court" which he claims is one of his top three favorite games. The cover art and title are almost identical to Prism Court, clearly being an indirect reference the game.

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