10 easy tricks for prison architect

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° Put them outside, no foundation needed.

° No one wants to walk through the green sludge. So plan your path accordingly.

° Use fences with drains under the doors to save money.

° Having it outside, use the grounds keeper to keep it clean, so keep the storage room close by. (It can be outside also.)

° Have your prisoners shower right

after sleeping or they beat up the smelly guy.

° Prisoners shower on there free time.

° Having a shower in each cell doesnt work, everyone goes into everyone elses cell to shower instead of using there own.

° If building it inside, surround with

drains instead of concrete. It

cheaper and easier to enter.

° You only need a 60% ratio of shower heads to prisoners. They take turns and shower during free time.

° Dont forget to temporarily change your regime to shower after all new prisoners have been escorted to their cell.

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° Minimum 5x5 surrounded by walls and a door. No maximum size currently

° Put beds so they can sleep.

° Make your prison a giant holding cell, then outline the cells with planning. Add beds and toilets in the outlined cells. Add concrete and doors as funds become available

° Downside, prisoners want more privacy. Upside, no one tries to crawl through their toilet to escape ( tunneling).

° If you make a giant holding cell beware, guards that bring in new prisoners think they need to be put at the far end of the cell. Keep close to the road, BUT not if you plan to make into jail cells.


* If you want to start with a jail cell right off, then try starting with a 13x12 foundation. Great for 8 cells.

* You can only use doors for walls, (yes even the walls to the outside) if you want, same price as concrete. I crammed cells right next to each other and just installed doors. Guards seem to have difficulty in it but prisoners do just fine.

* Put showers in the cells but inmates from different cells and different cell blocks, will visit each other and walk most of the time to the shower they prefer. ( I think it has to do with cleanliness).

* Do not align the toilets, inmates will tunnel together if their tunnels connect.

* I go 24 squares from the nearest cell and put a fence on the outside of that cell block.

* Do a shake down right at sleep time to collect contraband that slipped by the metal detector and to get any contraband from any new inmates.

* Having a hard time spotting tunnels, research deployment, those brown lines should pop right out at ya. If only I could fix the tunnels while viewing in that mode...

* See that guy staying awake at night while everyone else is sleeping, probably best to search his cell.


* Place this special spot on the regime to cut down on free time inside the cell.

* No need to deploy here, most guards like to gather in the yard, if unassigned.

* Its good for filling in the space between buildings, just don't forget to build some concrete tiles, or workers just crawl through it.

* Place some weights, if they want exercise but don't run around.

* Good place for phone booths, if inmates want family.

* Hire a grounds keeper to keep it clean, if inmates complain that its dirty.

* Put toilets and showers if your using this place to hold inmates instead of using free time.


* Start with a 9x5. This allows for a cooker, fridge, sink, 2 large jail doors at each end, and room for a couple inmate cooks.

* Place it right next to the delivery area. Makes it easier to get more food cooked when your prison grows.

* Can't hire anymore chefs? Put inmates to work in the kitchen.

* Inmates only cook when their working, so make sure they work before they eat. Whose making breakfast?

*WARNING: Put a staff only area outside of the kitchen or inmates will wander off.

* If you have inmate cooks, do not block off the delivery area with staff only deployment or they won't gather any food.

* Place cookers next the canteen. After they finish cooking they take it straight to closest serving table that isn't full.

* I only use the first 2 starting chefs then just use inmates.

* FOOD: High quantity and low quality. Its cheap and inmates spend more time eating.


* Inmates will eat on just a bench.

* Add tables for comfort. I use a table surrounded by 4 benches. This is a prison...

* Everyone slows down when crossing over a table or bench. Leaving room between benches will help you gather food trays faster and help inmates enter and leave quicker.

* When a large crowd enters the Canteen, they take turns in waves, gathering their food trays.

* Adding more serving tables will hold more food but doesn't make Inmates get their food any faster even if you have made too much food. (Too many inmates cooking for a small population.)

* Add toilets and showers to avoid fights during breakfast. They have to be in the canteen not just next to it or inmates won't use them. Eliminates the need for free time after sleep.

* Put it right next to the Kitchen. Food is delivered to the serving tables much faster. Freeing up workers to help with the da.. laundry.

+ laundry+

* Make the room bigger to add more inmates to work. Max 20

* Put drains on the doors just in case a riot starts.

* Put your laundry mat right in the middle of your cell block(s) or attach it the outside, since the laundry room currently has no contraband, why not.

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